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Indian Train heat killed passengers 50 degrees Celsius high temperature caused the death of four pas

Many places in India have been continuously affected by the heat in the past two weeks, and the temperature in some places has even exceeded 50 degrees Celsius. Recently, four more passengers traveling by train died because of 'unbearable high temperature'.

According to Agence France Presse and other media reports on the 11th, Singh, spokesman of Indian railway company, said that the four passengers boarded from Agra, the city where the famous scenic spot Taj Mahal is located, on the 10th, and were ready to go to Coimbatore in Tamil Nadu.

'the high temperature seems to be a factor, which is really unfortunate. ' Singh told the media, 'when the train approached Jhansi, we received a call from the staff saying that a passenger was unconscious. When the medical staff arrived at the station, they found that three passengers had died. " Another passenger died later in the hospital.

The railway company spokesman added that the express train had no technical problems, but the dead passengers were not sitting in the air-conditioned carriage. One of the victims was 81 years old.

Agence France Presse also mentioned that a passenger who also got on at Agra station said that it was quite muggy in the train. " Soon after we left Agra, the heat became unbearable, and some people began to complain about poor breathing and discomfort. And before they got help, they fell. "

The weather in most parts of India has been muggy recently, and the temperature in Rajasthan has exceeded 50 degrees Celsius, reaching 50.3 degrees Celsius, only a little lower than the highest record of 51 degrees Celsius. It is reported that many people died of heatstroke.