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Cao Yunjin transferred 5 million yuan to Tang Wan and Cao Yunjin's circle of friends, only drying ba

Recently, the topics of 'Cao Yunjin's circle of friends' and' Cao Yunjin's transfer of 5 million 'have successively appeared on the hot search topic list. Yesterday, Cao Yunjin just announced the divorce from Tang Wan. Today's new topic has attracted the attention and hot discussion of many netizens. What's going on? Let's have a look.

on June 12, the gossip media exposed that Cao Yunjin and Tang Wan went straight to the bank after going through the divorce procedures yesterday. The man transferred more than 5 million yuan to the woman. They had no communication.

According to the disclosure, after Cao Yunjin and Tang Wan went through the divorce formalities on the morning of the 11th, they took a bus to a bank of communications next to the Civil Affairs Bureau. After Cao Yunjin entered the bank, he operated under the guidance of the staff. Tang Wan stood behind Cao Yunjin without expression. The lobby staff responsible for receiving Cao Yunjin was very responsible and reminded the teller: he transferred more than 5 million! Seeing Cao Yunjin sitting in front of the counter, his expression was indifferent. After checking the information with the teller, Cao Yunjin passed Tang Wan with his ID card and his head down playing with his mobile phone, and went straight to another machine. He had no expression and didn't even look at Tang Wan. Subsequently, Tang Wan followed Cao Yunjin behind him. After handling the business, they left the bank together. The two had no communication throughout the whole process. They didn't say a word or even look at each other. When they finished their business and left, Cao Yunjin looked back at Tang Wan and said a word to her. In the past, the husband and wife seemed to be strangers.

On June 11, Cao Yunjin and his wife Tang Wan were photographed appearing in Tianjin Civil Affairs Bureau for divorce. Subsequently, Cao Yunjin announced his divorce on his microblog. He wrote: "thank you for your concern for Cao Yunjin and Tang Wan. Due to personality differences and family relations, we have divorced peacefully today. We will still raise our daughter together and grow up healthily and happily. At the same time, we wish each other well in the future. Thank you again! Some we media fabricate facts, malign, malicious and extremely bad. It can be seen that there are people who take advantage of the fire. " It is reported that Cao Yunjin posted his marriage registration photo in February 2018. On April 17 of the same year, Tang Wan gave birth to a little princess of 6 kg and 3 kg. Now her daughter has just turned one year old.