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My mother recognized my daughter as a fox and listened to the rumor that she was going to send her d

My mother recognized my daughter as a fox and listened to the rumor that she was going to send her daughter to Vietnam Mr. Meng (a pseudonym) of Longgang reflected a strange thing to us. His ex-wife, who had not contacted him for a long time, suddenly found him and said that their daughter was a 'fox spirit'! You heard right that your mother said her daughter was a 'fox spirit' & hellip& hellip;

My daughter is a fox spirit

Bad mother's life?

Mr. Meng said that her ex-wife, Ms. mu (a pseudonym), had a bad life since her divorce. Her shop closed and she was cheated of money. After that, Ms. Mu not only did not reflect on herself, but also became familiar with some fortune tellers.

A 'master' told her that her fate was bad because her eldest daughter was a fox spirit! The eldest daughter is the child born to Ms. Mu and Mr. Meng. Although she is her own flesh and blood, Ms. Mu believed the words of the 'master' and asked Mr. Meng to cooperate with the 'practice'.

After 'practice' was rejected

Asked to send her daughter to Vietnam

This' practice 'made Mr. Meng feel incredible. He categorically rejected Ms. Mu's request.

However, Mr. Meng said that Ms. mu, who was rejected, was not reconciled. She always made trouble at home and put forward another more wonderful plan to send her daughter to Vietnam and never come back!

Mr. Meng is totally unacceptable to the 'plan' put forward by his ex-wife.

Because Mr. Meng refused, Ms. Mu spread some incredible rumors and sent them to relatives and friends, which distressed Mr. Meng.

Biological mother

So heartless?

In the recording provided by Mr. Meng, Ms. Mu lost her temper with Mr. Meng and said that Mr. Meng would harm the family if he refused to do as she said.

Daughter disappointed

Speak frankly and hate

The reporter also met the daughter of Mr. Meng and Ms. mu. The 17-year-old girl was very disappointed about her mother's words and deeds.

Ms. Mu: I'll go if my daughter doesn't go

It costs 40000 yuan

Subsequently, the reporter also tried to contact Ms. Mu to verify the situation, but the phone couldn't be connected. Finally, Mr. Meng called Ms. Mu under the witness of the reporter. Ms. Mu still believed that her eldest daughter was a 'disaster'.

Ms. Mu said on the phone that since Mr. Meng is unwilling to do anything and send her daughter to Vietnam, she can only hide far away from Shenzhen, but Mr. Meng needs to give economic compensation.

Mr. Meng said that he and Ms. Mu had four children, and the custody has been clearly divided in the divorce agreement. Mr. Meng raised three children, and the youngest daughter was raised by Ms. mu. Ms. Mu asked for money, which made him doubt Ms. Mu's motivation.

In this regard, the lawyer said that the problem of alimony can be solved through court litigation, but if Ms. Mu spreads improper remarks everywhere and causes reputation losses to Mr. Meng and his eldest daughter, father and daughter can also safeguard their rights and interests through legal channels.

Before the broadcast of the program, Longgang police responded to the incident. In view of this family dispute, Longgang police have sent police for many times. Based on the current evidence, Ms. Mu's statement cannot be supported.

Seeing here, I really feel a little distressed for the girl who spread such a mother. In fact, some fallacies and heresies have convinced some people precisely because some of them should respond to their psychological hints and expectations all the time.

For example, Ms. Mu doesn't want to blame herself or someone closer to her for her failure, so her eldest daughter has become a scapegoat. Those so-called masters are hateful, but Ms. Mu lost her mind, didn't argue right and wrong, and even spread rumors and slander. Only then did she really need to be treated. Even if her blood relatives infringed on others' reputation, she had to pay legal responsibility.