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What is the best way to nourish blood and Qi? Some good soup methods of nourishing blood and beauty

What is the best blood tonic for

1. Blood deficiency

The main manifestations of blood deficiency are: pale yellow face, pale lips and claws, dizziness and weakness, palpitation, insomnia and dreaminess, dry stool, women's water fault period, light quantity and color, light tongue quality, less moss, less fluid, weak pulse, etc.: the method of tonifying blood, nourishing blood and generating blood should be used for tonifying, and the drugs of tonifying blood can be angelica, donkey hide gelatin, ripe ground, mulberry, etc.

Tonifying blood deficiency food: black bone chicken, black sesame, walnut meat, longan meat, chicken, pig blood, pig liver, brown sugar, red bean, etc. can be selected alternately frequently.

Blood deficiency contraindications: water chestnut, garlic;

Corresponding diet: Danggui cooked black bone chicken; Huaishan beef brisket pot; Huaiju hairtail; rose Huaiju dew;

Avoid or eat less: seaweed, cardamom, lotus leaf, white wine, mint, chrysanthemum, areca, raw radish, etc.

2, Qi deficiency

The main manifestations of qi deficiency are: less Qi, lazy speech, tiredness and weakness of the whole body, low voice, shortness of breath when moving, sweating easily, dizziness and palpitation, yellow complexion, loss of appetite, deficiency of heat, spontaneous sweating, anorectomy, prolapse of the uterus, thin and fat tongue, teeth marks on the tongue, weak pulse, etc. for function reduction and regression, it is not necessary to have disease, Qi deficiency needs to be replenished, and the drugs for replenishing qi can be ginseng, astragalus, dangshen, etc 。

Tonifying qi deficiency food: beef, chicken, pork, glutinous rice, soybean, lentil, date, crucian carp, carp, quail, eel, shrimp, mushroom, etc. Can often choose clothes alternately.

Qixu taboo items: hawthorn, bergamot, areca, garlic, kale, radish tassel, coriander (coriander), turnip (turnip), pepper, Piper, middle finger, perilla leaf, mint, lotus leaf;

Avoid or eat less: buckwheat, grapefruit, orange, kumquat, kumquat cake, orange, water chestnut, raw radish, ground skull, mustard, Xiebai, Junda vegetable, Amomum, chrysanthemum, tea, tobacco and wine.

Corresponding meals: Huaishan Lily and lotus seed soup; stewed pigeon with ginseng and herbs; spiced beef; braised pig's feet with peanuts and dates.

3. Women with anemia or blood deficiency

The vast majority of women have symptoms of blood deficiency, such as dizziness, eyesight, dim complexion, insomnia, dreaminess, irregular menstruation and so on. Moreover, people with blood deficiency constitution tend to be thin and have poor physical quality.

At ordinary times, you can often eat blood nourishing food, such as spinach, black beans, carrots, broccoli, lotus root, black fungus, chicken, pork, mutton, sea cucumber, etc.; fruit can choose mulberry, grapes, dates, longan, etc. At the same time, it can also be combined with traditional Chinese medicine for tonifying blood. The commonly used Chinese medicine for tonifying blood includes angelica, saffron, cooked land, Ligusticum chuanxiong, white peony, donkey hide gelatin, etc. These traditional Chinese medicine and blood tonic food are used to make delicious medicinal meals, such as Angelica ginger mutton soup, donkey hide gelatin stewed rice wine, Siwu chicken soup, etc., which have good blood nourishing effect.

4. Deficiency of both qi and blood

Deficiency of both qi and blood generally occurs in anemia, leukopenia, thrombocytopenia, massive hemorrhage, women with excessive menstruation and so on, which is mainly manifested as: both the performance of qi deficiency and the performance of blood deficiency, supplementing qi and blood, cultivating Qi and blood, and supplementing qi and blood.

Corresponding diet: Qi and blood: crucian carp tofu soup; Qi and blood double tonic soup; medicated chicken;

Women with deficiency of Qi often show symptoms such as weak complexion, pale face, fatigue, more leucorrhea and irregular menstrual cycle.

Some Qi tonic drugs can be used, such as ginseng, astragalus, Atractylodes macrocephala, jujube, licorice to stew chicken or ribs to replenish qi. There is a certain emphasis on ginseng at home to be extra careful, should be small dose, short course of treatment as the principle, it is best to consult a doctor before taking. In autumn and winter, women with deficiency of Qi should eat more nutritious food such as radish, jujube and spareribs soup; in medicine, they can drink "Sijunzi Decoction" made of Astragalus, ginseng, Atractylodes macrocephala and liquorice.

What to eat is the fastest

I. brown sugar millet porridge

Materials: 150g millet, 5-10 jujubes, a little peanuts, a little melon seeds, 10g brown sugar


1. Preparation materials: millet, dates, brown sugar and nuts. The nuts can be put in whole or chopped and added.

2. Clean the millet, put it in the soup pot and soak it in water for about 30 minutes, wash the red dates, remove the core, and chop the red dates for use.

3. Take the soup pot, pour some water into it, put the millet into it after boiling, turn the heat to boil slowly, put the jujube pieces into it when the millet grains bloom, stir evenly, then continue to cook, put the brown sugar and peanut pieces into it after the jujube meat is soft and rotten, and then mix them well, and then boil for a few minutes to turn off the fire.

2. Peanut, red date and blood nourishing soup

It is fragrant, smooth and delicious, rich in sweetness and nutrition. It can nourish the spleen and stomach, nourish the blood and beautify the skin.

Main ingredients: Peanut 50g, jujube 80g, agaric 50g, brown sugar 80g, auxiliary ingredients: appropriate amount of honey


1. Wash jujube, peanut and Auricularia, put them in the sand pot together, add some water, boil them in the fire, use the slow fire pot until the peanuts are rotten, add brown sugar and boil for a while, then they can be eaten.

2. When drinking, you can add a little honey according to your own preference to add special nutrition and taste.

Tips: jujube nourishes the spleen, nourishes the blood and calms the nerves. The peanut nourishes strong, the nutrition is incomparably rich, commonly known as the long fruit. It's easy for people with cold hands and feet in winter to drink a bowl before going to bed, which can effectively change the status quo.

Fried diced chicken with fungus and egg

Blood tonic home cooking! Iron and protein in daily diet can synthesize blood, and anemia friends can often eat this dish.

Materials: organic dried fungus 24g, native egg 3, chicken leg 2, ginger powder 4G, soy sauce, sesame oil a little, salt, chicken essence a little, garlic 4 pieces, cooking time: about 10-15 minutes, materials can be bought in the supermarket!


1. Put a little oil into the pot until there is no water in the pot (it is easy to collapse oil if there is water). When the oil is smoking, put in the broken eggs and stir fry them. Then put the eggs out of the pot for standby. Pay attention not to fry too much, so that the fried eggs will be very tender, even if 9 mature.

2. Pour a little more oil into the pot, pour in the garlic and stir fry.

3. Pour in the marinated chicken and stir fry until it is 9 mature. Stir in the shredded fungus and stir fry for 2 minutes.

4. Pour in the scrambled eggs and stir fry for 2 minutes. Pour in 1 tablespoon of water (or chicken soup with the bones left on the thighs of the chicken). Cover and simmer for 2 minutes.

5. Add a little salt and chicken essence, stir fry and mix well, and drain the water (basically there is no water at this time) out of the pot.

IV. nourishing blood and beautifying soup

Materials: American Almond, 15 Guiyuan, 8 jujubes, 12 wolfberry, about 30 brown sugar, 1 tbsp (15g), clear water, 1000ml (1L)


1) gently tap the outer skin of the longan with a knife and take out the longan meat. (do not use force, or the shell of longan will stick on the meat, and you have to break it off by hand. )

2) rinse the longan meat, red dates and medlar with water. Add the big almond into the casserole. Pour 1000 ml of water into the casserole. After the fire is boiled, turn it into a small fire and cook it for 20 minutes.

3) after cooking, stir in brown sugar while it is hot and serve.

Some good soup methods of nourishing blood and beauty

1. Tremella and red dates soup

Tremella is also known as the "bird's nest of the poor". Although the bird's nest is mended, it is expensive. Tremella is similar to bird's nest in color, taste and effect, and is cheap, so it is called poor bird's nest. Bird's nest is easy to catch fire. Tremella has the function of moistening dryness. Dry gas and fire gas are harmful to human body. It is most effective to remove fire and dry and eat Tremella. Make soup with tremella, dried longan, wolfberry and red dates. This soup is not only delicious, but also breast enriching, making your face white and red, and your body light and slim.

2. Black glutinous rice porridge

Black glutinous rice, longan and jujube are known to be good for nourishing blood. In addition to the yam with high nutritional value, the effect of nourishing qi and blood is more significant. Use black glutinous rice, red dates, longan, yam and brown sugar to make soup. Remember to drink it every month. Little reminder, although longan can replenish blood gas and promote blood circulation, it is not easy to digest. You can put seven or eight at a time (friends with cold stomach can take two red ginseng).

3. Red date ribs of Angelica

In season changing, the skin is easy to dry, rough and itchy & hellip; & hellip; you can use one sparerib, an appropriate amount of wolfberry, 12 red dates and 4 pieces of Angelica. Put the blood water of sparerib cleaning into the casserole, add wolfberry, red dates and angelica, or you can also put some green onions and ginger slices, boil them in high heat, and then stew them in low heat until the spareribs are crisp and rotten, seasoned with salt and chicken essence. Above several kinds of ingredients are stewed together, which can receive the auxiliary effect of Nourishing Yin, moistening dryness and skin care.

4. Oatmeal porridge for nourishing face and blood

Women drink oatmeal porridge. First soak walnuts, dates and longan, clean the oats, pour them into the electric rice pot, add some water, and boil them! Remember to see the time, when the porridge is boiling, change to the porridge stand, and put some brown sugar before leaving the pot.

5. Shuanghong Buxue Decoction

500g sweet potato, 10g red date, proper amount of brown sugar, 2000ml clear water, prepare them and boil them together. Add brown sugar when the sweet potato is ripe. If you like to eat pumpkin, you can also change the sweet potato into pumpkin.

6. Papaya and tremella soup

Tremella, papaya, jujube and Bingtang. Put the soaked Tremella in the pot, boil it, and then put the jujube in the pot. Turn off the heat and boil it for half an hour. Then put the Bingtang and papaya in the pot, and it will be ready to serve.

7. Soybean and pear pig's feet soup

It's good for women to drink pear soup often. Pear has the reputation of "the king of fruits" since ancient times. Using Sydney to make soup can dispel cough, moisten lung, clear heart and beautify skin. Drink this Sydney soybean pig's hand soup, for smooth skin, alleviate the sound sand, dry mouth has obvious effect, but also can reduce blood pressure.

One Sydney, 50g soybean, half pig's foot, three pieces of ginger, salt. Remove the peculiar smell of pig's foot with water and divide into pieces. Add in the peeled pear, soybean and a piece of ginger, add enough water to boil until boiling, keep boiling for 15 minutes, turn to slow fire for another hour, and the soup will be ready. Before drinking, add salt to taste.

These soups are not only suitable for female friends, but also good for everyone. You might as well do it on the weekend. Do you feel happy when you taste the soup you have worked hard to make and look at your family's satisfied expression? It not only nourishes your face and replenishes your blood, but also draws your relatives' feelings closer. Why not!