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Forbes China Science and technology women list complete list of Forbes China Science and technology

Forbes China Science and technology women list complete list of Forbes China Science and technology women list

Forbes launched the 'women in tech in China' for the first time, with 50 women on the list. They are enterprise founders, company executives, front-line R & D engineers or technological innovation pioneers. This list is a non ranking evaluation of 50 outstanding women in the field of science and technology.

The following are the names and brief introductions of the people on the list, in no order:

Tu youyou is 89 years old

Position: lifelong researcher, chief researcher

Company name / location: Institute of traditional Chinese medicine, Chinese Academy of traditional Chinese medicine / Beijing

Education background: graduated from the Department of pharmacy of Beijing Medical College (now the medical department of Peking University)

On October 5, 2015, the Caroline Medical College of Sweden announced in Stockholm that Tu Youyou, a Chinese female scientist, shared the 2015 Nobel Prize in physiology and medicine with a Japanese scientist and an Irish scientist in recognition of their achievements in malaria treatment research. Tu youyou has thus become the first local Chinese scientist to win the Nobel Prize in science and the first Chinese scientist to win the Nobel Prize in physiology and medicine, realizing the breakthrough of zero Nobel Prize in natural science.

Since she was assigned to the Institute of traditional Chinese medicine of the Institute of traditional Chinese medicine of the Ministry of Health (now the Chinese Academy of traditional Chinese Medicine) in 1955, Tu youyou has made outstanding achievements in the fields of traditional Chinese medicine chemistry, pharmacognosy and processing with her knowledge structure advantage of "Western learning". But she was also jokingly called a "three noes" scientist because she had no doctorate, overseas background and academician title.

Tu youyou's greatest contribution is the discovery of new antimalarial drugs artemisinin and dihydroartemisinin. Malaria is one of the three major infectious diseases in the world, with a threatened population of more than 3 billion and an annual incidence of 300-600 million patients. In January 1969, Tu youyou was determined by the leadership of the Institute to be responsible for setting up a research group to participate in the research of antimalarial drugs. Starting with the systematic collection and sorting of medical books, materia medica and folk prescriptions of previous dynasties, and based on the collection of more than 2000 prescriptions, Tu youyou compiled the collection of antimalarial prescriptions dominated by 640 drugs. In November 1972, Tu youyou and her research group obtained an effective antimalarial monomer named artemisinin after years of research. In 2001, the World Health Organization recommended artemisinin based combination therapy (act therapy) to all countries in malaria areas as the first choice for malaria. In 2010, about 180 million people were treated with act worldwide, with a cure rate of 97%.

Anna is 47

Role: Vice President of high performance materials department and general manager of Asia Pacific Region

Company name / location: Honeywell / Shanghai

Education background: Bachelor of polymer materials, Shanghai Jiaotong University; Master of polymer engineering, Dalian University of technology; Master of business administration, steinbais University, Berlin

Anna became Vice President of Honeywell's high performance materials department and general manager of Asia Pacific region in March 2017. The high performance materials department is one of the three business departments of Honeywell characteristic materials and technology group. Anna is responsible for the business growth of the high performance materials department in the Asia Pacific region and communicates closely with customers to ensure that the company provides customers with the best solutions and creates excellent business achievements. Before joining Honeywell, Ms. Anna worked for Celanese investment (China) Co., Ltd., one of the world's largest producers of acetyl products. Early in her career, Ms. Anna worked as a product manager in saidoris and engaged in product R & D and project management at the eighth Research Institute of nuclear industry.

Chen Lili, 45

Position: Chairman and general manager

Company name / location: Wuhan Mingde biological (45.720,1.74,3.96%) Technology Co., Ltd. / Wuhan

Education background: Master of Cardiology, Tongji Medical College, Huazhong University of science and technology; Doctor of Cardiology, Department of Cardiology, internal medicine hospital of Heidelberg University, Germany; Postdoctoral Fellow, Boston University Medical Center

Lily Chen received a doctor of medicine from Heidelberg University in Germany and a postdoctoral fellow from Boston University Medical Center in the United States. He used to be a doctor in Tongji Hospital Affiliated to Tongji Medical College of Huazhong University of science and technology.

Chen Lan, 51

Role: Vice President of enterprise network business North Asia

Company name / location: CommScope / Shanghai

Education background: Bachelor of communication, Shanghai University; MBA of the University of Hong Kong

As vice president of North Asia, Chen Lan is responsible for leading the enterprise network business in North Asia, including greater China, Japan and South Korea. CommScope, a leading communications network infrastructure company, helps design, build and manage wired and wireless networks around the world. Chen Lan has 24 years of experience in the telecommunications industry. Her career began at t, and then her business unit was split into Avaya by Lucent (a part of at t). In 2004, after CommScope completed the acquisition of Avaya network solutions business, Ms. Chen Lan began to take charge of CommScope's East business. Ms. Chen Lan contributed to CommScope's leading position in China's generic cabling industry. Under her leadership, CommScope has won a number of generic cabling awards issued by industry associations and well-known media for many years.

Du Ying, 55

Position: founder, chairman and CEO

Company name / location: zaiding pharmaceutical / Shanghai

Education background: Bachelor of biomedicine and master of molecular biology from Jilin University; Doctor of Biochemistry, University of Cincinnati

Du Ying is a leader in China's innovative pharmaceutical industry. She began her career in the field of biomedicine at Pfizer in 1994. Following Pfizer, she founded Hutchison Whampoa Pharmaceutical (Shanghai) Co., Ltd. in 2002 and successively brought five class 1.1 new drugs into clinical trials. In 2012, Du Ying joined Sequoia Capital China fund to be in charge of investment in the medical and health industry. During this period, BGI (60.400, - 0.08, - 0.13%), BeDa medicine and Xikang biology invested by her have been listed one after another and achieved remarkable returns. In 2014, Du Ying founded zaiding medicine. In 2017, she successfully led zaiding to be listed on NASDAQ in the United States, and became a biomedical company with the shortest time and the highest market value from inception to listing.

Dai Shan

Role: President of B2B business group

Company name / location: Alibaba / Hangzhou

Education background: Bachelor of engineering, Hangzhou Institute of electronic technology

Dai Shan joined Alibaba Group in 1999 as one of the founders of the company. Since January 2017, she has served as the president of B2B business group, in charge of the group's international and Chinese domestic wholesale trading platforms Alibaba and 1688, as well as the global express business of international retail trading platform.

Ding Shuji, 57

Role: general manager of China strategic development

Company name / location: DuPont electronics and imaging group / Shanghai

Education background: Bachelor of chemistry, Peking University; Master of chemistry, Peking University; Doctor of chemistry, Iowa State University, USA; Harvard Business School amp

Working in the field of semiconductor electronic materials for 25 years, Ding Shuji constantly broke through the 'ceiling' and established deep insight and firm belief in the company's operation and industrial development. Ding Shuji led the global business division of Dow Chemical photoresist and made amazing achievements. During his tenure, the business growth rate was much higher than the growth rate of the industry, and the annual profit increased five times. In September 2017, Dow Chemical Company and DuPont, the world's two largest chemical 'century old stores' where Ding Shuji was located, successfully completed the peer-to-peer merger, which has become a major event of great concern in the industry. The merged entity is a holding company named 'Dow DuPont', with three business groups: material science, agriculture and special products. According to the market value of the two companies at that time, the combined market value of Dow DuPont exceeded US $150 billion, surpassing German BASF company with the largest market value in the chemical industry at that time and becoming the new global leader of chemical enterprises.

Du Hong

Position: President / CoO

Company name / location: Sina / Beijing

Education background: Bachelor of Applied Chemistry, Harbin Institute of technology; Master of management information systems, San Francisco State University

Du Hong joined Sina in November 1999 and has served as president and chief operating officer of sina since February 2013. She has served as a director of Weibo since January 2014.

Duran, 42

Position: Senior Vice President

Company name / location: iFLYTEK (29.080,0.17,0.59%) Co., Ltd. / Guangzhou

Education background: Doctor of management science and engineering, South China University of Technology

In 2015, Duran joined Kodak iFLYTEK as senior vice president of the company. From the application of speech recognition technology to all-round exploration of artificial intelligence, Duran has led the team to deeply layout many fields such as intelligent education and intelligent medical treatment, and continuously promoted the strategic construction of iFLYTEK's artificial intelligence brand, the in-depth layout of artificial intelligence + industry and the great development of incubation in the direction of artificial intelligence innovation.

Fuxin is 48 years old

Position: Partner

Company name / location: Sequoia Capital China Fund / Beijing

Education background: Bachelor of power engineering, Harbin Institute of technology; Master of technology, University of Poitier, France; INSEAD and EMBA of Tsinghua University

Focus on the energy and environmental protection industry. Fuxin has led or participated in the investment of many projects in Sequoia Industrial Science and technology, including A-share listed Zhongman Petroleum (18.400,1.67,9.98%), U.S. stock listed Weilai automobile, domestic Unicorn enterprise in the field of driverless, and vehicle and parts enterprises in the field of electric vehicles. Fuxin has also invested in many excellent companies in the fields of energy and new energy, environmental protection and automation. Many invested enterprises have become leading enterprises in various fields.

Gu Cuiping, 38

Position: Managing Director

Company name / location: red shirt Capital China Fund / Beijing

Education background: Double Bachelor of biotechnology and English from Shanghai Jiaotong University; Doctor of Biochemistry and molecular biology, Shanghai Jiaotong University

Gu Cuiping focuses on the health care industry, mainly including biotechnology, innovative pharmacy, molecular diagnosis and precision medicine. Representative projects: Beida Pharmaceutical (39.600,0.05,0.13%), Yaoming biology and Xikang biology.

Ge yue

Role: Vice President and managing director of Greater China

Company name / location: Apple Inc. / Shanghai

Education background: Bachelor and master of electrical engineering from Simon Fraser University; MBA, University of California, Berkeley

Ge yue led the Apple Wireless Technology software engineering team for nine years, focusing on developing cellular, WiFi, Bluetooth, NFC, location and motion technologies for almost every apple product. She is also responsible for the engineering team developing apple pay, homekit and Carplay. In China, she worked closely with Apple's R & D team and operator partners to develop new Chinese features for iPhone and iPad, including features in IOS 11: QR code support, SMS fraud prevention, and using phone numbers as appleid.

He Tingbo

Position: President

Company name / location: Huawei Hisilicon / Shenzhen

Education background: Master of communication and semiconductor physics, Beijing University of Posts and Telecommunications

He Tingbo joined Huawei in 1996 and has successively served as chief engineer of chip business, director of Hisilicon R & D management department, vice president of 2012 laboratory, etc. He is now president of Hisilicon and President of 2012 laboratory.

Hu Yuhua

Role: Global Vice President, President of China

Company name / location: Texas Instruments / Shenzhen

Education background: Bachelor of computer science, Central South Institute of technology; Master of business administration, Hong Kong University of science and technology

Ms. Hu Yuhua currently leads the marketing and operation of Texas Instruments in China and plays a key role in strengthening customer support and continuously promoting the company's business growth in China. Hu Yuhua joined in 2000