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How to deal with the serious reaction of pregnancy and vomiting

When many women are pregnant, they will have severe pregnancy vomiting. They can't eat anything and can't sleep well. They hate to spit out everything. How can this situation be solved?

What does pregnant early vomit notice?

1. Avoid any adverse stimulation that may cause nausea, nausea and vomiting, such as lampblack, peculiar smell, etc., avoid staying in a closed environment for a long time, keep indoor air circulation and smell fresh air.

2. Vomiting affects nutrition intake. If it is serious, nutrition infusion should be carried out to supplement various nutrients needed by the body.

3. Severe vomiting will cause dehydration. You can eat more water-rich foods, such as various fresh fruits and vegetables, which are also rich in vitamins and minerals.

4. When cooking food, you can use some slightly irritating food ingredients, such as ginger, pepper, etc., which can improve the appetite of pregnant women.

5. You can eat more foods with high protein and vitamin content, such as cheese, milk, egg, lotus root powder, soybean milk, fruits and vegetables.

6. Hot food has a strong smell and is sensitive during pregnancy. You can eat more cold food appropriately or let hot food be eaten after being cold. Pay attention to WeChat public No. 99 health network, provide more, more professional and perfect health information for free, and become the most trusted health consultant in your life.

7. In meals and food cooking, eat less or use less greasy food, and use less vegetable oil and animal oil to reduce greasiness. Soup and greasy food are particularly prone to vomiting. When eating, pregnant women should not drink soup. Drinking drinks and eating greasy food are particularly easy to cause vomiting. When eating, pregnant women should not drink soup, drink or eat greasy food. They should avoid eating too much oil or stimulating food, such as spicy food.

8. Eat less and eat more. Nausea and vomiting usually occur in the morning or in the evening, that is to say, it is not good for pregnant women to get up in the middle of the stomach or when they are too full. If you use the method of eating less and eating more, you can eat as soon as you want. You can prepare more easily digested food, fresh fruit, yoghurt and other snacks, and eat them several times after the meal point, so as to reduce the incidence of pregnancy and vomiting, and supplement the nutrition of the body at any time, so that the baby can have enough Enough nutrition absorption.

9. When vomiting occurs in the morning, you can first eat some soda biscuits, toast, and then eat breakfast.

10. Don't stay in bed or sit still during pregnancy. Exercise properly, but avoid excessive fatigue.

11. If vomiting cannot be alleviated and treatment is difficult, it will damage the organ function of the body, so the pregnancy should be terminated in time to ensure the life safety of pregnant women.

Vomiting in the early stage of pregnancy will bring us some troubles. During the real pregnancy, women can learn more about these methods, take preventive measures, prevent the harm caused by vomiting, and ensure the healthy development of their baby.