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How to choose seven brands of domestic water heater

Which brand of home water heater is good? The choice of water heater must choose a brand. It is safe to use and has after-sales guarantee. The following Xiaobian will recommend several domestic water heaters for you. Let's have a look

1. Haier

In April 2010, Haier took the lead in putting forward the quality commitment of 8-year free repair of water storage electric water heater and 3-year free repair of gas water heater, creating a precedent in the industry;

In September 2010, he creatively broke the industry rules and put forward the service commitment of "free in the whole process and worry free in ten years".

2. Midea

'fast heating' is the unique and leading advantage of Midea electric water heater. F30f 'speed F1' is the industry's first 10 second speed thermoelectric water heater.

'fashion printing' is the most eye-catching brand character of Midea electric water heater. A variety of printing designs, such as stunning golden flowers, stunning blue and white flowers, bindilian, full house, lobular grass, cattle and cattle, add cultural elements and visual beauty to Midea electric water heater.

In September 2012, Midea water heater was in the first China Household Appliance Industry & lsquo; Top ten brands & rsquo; Won the top ten brands of water heater in the selection (and trial evaluation of Chinese household appliance brands).

3. AO Smith

A. O. Smith Company was established in the United States in 1874 and has a history of 130 years. It is a company listed on the New York Stock Exchange (code AOS). It entered the field of water heater production in 1936.

。 A. O. Smith water heater has won the favor of many consumers with excellent quality and perfect service, and is widely used in McDonald's, KFC and other chain stores all over the world. In 2004, a.o. Smith WPC global engineering R & D center was officially established in Nanjing, China. On January 10, 2018, the top 3 brand of c-nps household appliances and information and communication products industry in 2018: AO Smith won the first place of electric water heater with 209 points.

4. Siemens

Siemens AG is a multinational company whose business involves automation technology, industrial control and drive technology; Feng & middot; Founded in 1847, Siemens is headquartered in Munich and Berlin, Germany.

On December 18, 2018, Siemens was selected into the 2018 (15th) world top 500 brands list, ranking 134.

50000 he

Founded in August 1993, Wanhe is headquartered in Guangdong Shunde national high tech Development Zone. It is the largest professional manufacturer of gas appliances in China.

Wanhe is a "key high-tech enterprise in the national Torch Plan" approved by the Ministry of science and technology, the only "national advanced collective in light industry" in the gas appliance industry, the third chairman unit of the gas appliance branch of China Hardware Association and the vice chairman unit of China Quality Inspection Association. It mainly produces Wanhe water heater, range hood, stove, disinfection cupboard and gas wall mounted stove!

6. Ariston

Ariston, from Europe, is the world's leading domestic heating hot water expert, bringing a full range of products from water heater to domestic heating. Over the past 75 years, Ariston has been committed to improving people's quality of life with safe, reliable, innovative and easy-to-use and fashionable design, spreading the warmth of home to more than 160 countries and more than 50 million families in the world, so that every home can warm up from the heart.

7. Vantage

On November 21, 2017, at the 2017 new product launch of Wanjiale hot water and kitchen electricity, China Hardware Association specially awarded Wanjiale 'China original & middot; The first domestic central hot water 'certificate of honor. Wanjiale introduces internationally advanced technology and equipment from Japan, Germany and Switzerland, specializing in the production of "Wanjiale" brand series gas appliances and household appliances such as electric water heater, solar water heater, microwave oven, range hood, disinfection cupboard and electric rice cooker, so as to drive the development of the whole kitchen, bathroom and household appliances, Create high-quality bathroom and kitchen life for consumers.