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Which is better than oppok3 and oppoa9? Comparison of configuration and performance differences betw

Recently, oppo released the new K-series mobile phone oppok3. How do you compare the new 2019 mobile phones oppok3 and oppoa9 released by oppo? Which of oppok3 and oppoa9 is more worth starting with? This article brings you the parameter configuration and performance highlights of oppok3 and oppoa9. Let's see which one is more suitable for you.

Which of oppok3 and oppoa9 is more worth starting with?

From the front of the fuselage, although both oppok3 and oppoa9 adopt a comprehensive screen design, the difference is that oppok3 adopts a light edge lifting structure camera design, that is, a lifting front lens, with a screen size of 6.5 inches, while oppoa9 adopts a water drop screen design, with a screen size of 6.53 inches, and different designs with different sizes.

From the back of the fuselage, the designs of oppok3 and oppoa9 are similar. The difference is that the dual photography of oppok3 does not adopt the convex design, while the dual photography of oppoa9 is convex. Not only that, oppok3 does not have a rear fingerprint identification module, while oppoa9 has a rear fingerprint identification module.

In terms of photographing, oppok3 and oppoa9 both use a 16 million pixel front lens, while in terms of rear photographing, the parameters of oppok3 and oppoa9 are the same, both using a 16 million + 2 million pixel dual camera design. Therefore, in terms of photographing, the two mobile phones are not much different.

In terms of processor, oppok3 adopts Xiaolong 710 processor, while oppoa9 adopts MediaTek p70 processor. Relatively speaking, the strength of Xiaolong 710 is a little stronger than MediaTek p70, but for ordinary users, the difference in daily use is not too obvious.

In general, the difference between oppok3 and oppoa9 in photography and performance is not obvious, but the main difference is in design. Therefore, when choosing, users who like mechanical design can choose oppok3, while users who like water drop screen can choose oppoa9.