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What is the reason why Shen Yue's agent hates fans? Personal data of Shen Yue's broker

Recently, the topic of "Shen Yue's agent against fans" has been hot searched, which has attracted the attention and hot discussion of many netizens. Everyone is very curious about why Shen Yue's agent against fans? Who is Shen Yue's agent? The editor of this article brings you the original story and personal data of Shen Yue's agent's meeting with fans. Let's have a look.

Why does Shen Yue's agent get fans

On the 28th, Shen Yue's agent Yangjin released a video of Shen Yue playing in beauty Valley, which was questioned by fans that she had not been in the group for a long time and was addicted to traveling and taking photos, 'so Shen Yue's job now is to take photos? Go to Thailand to take photos, go to Japan to take photos, come here or take photos? Then the shooting triggered a wave of photo fraud discussion? I'm really curious about your positioning of Shen Yue. Is she an actor or a net celebrity? " Then, the agent left a message back to the fan: 'mind your penny! If you don't like it, please get out '. Soon after, the central bank deleted the comment and reply together, and set the comment authority.

The reason behind Shen Yue's agent's meeting with fans was exposed

On the 28th, Shen Yue's agent released a video of Shen Yue taking a photo on her microblog. Some fans in the comment area questioned whether the company's positioning for Shen Yue is a net celebrity or an actor. Because Shen Yue hasn't seen the appearance of going to film recently, she is similar to wanghong going to take photos everywhere. I didn't expect Shen Yue's agent to directly contact fans: take care of your money! No, please get out!

Shen Yue was originally an ordinary staff member of a TV station, because after the fire of "little beauty", she circled a lot of powder with a wave of praise of "Japanese beautiful girls". Shen Yue's agent can be said to be top-notch in appearance, with white skin and beautiful long legs, which is more beautiful than Shen Yue. With the popularity of Shen Yue, the number of agent appearances has increased a lot, and his appearance is comparable to that of a star.

Shen Yue made a lot of trouble when she was with her agent under such conditions. At that time, when Shen Yue and her agent interviewed advertisers about cooperation, advertisers first saw Shen Yue's agent, not Shen Yue. Advertisers also said frankly that Shen Yue was not as beautiful as her agent. How embarrassing this should be! Now Shen Yue's agent is furious and directly angers fans. It's really a black move for Shen Yue.

Photos of Shen Yue's broker Yangjin

It is said that Shen Yue's agent is a beautiful woman from Tibet, but her beauty has long been noticed by Shen Yue's fans. Because they often take selfies together in private, and even if the agent stands in front of the 'taboo' lens, his face will not appear very big, but more temperament than Shen Yue behind.

Some people say that Shen Yue's facial features are not bad. She belongs to a good-looking girl. Just because of the play, many netizens found body loopholes, so that everyone's favor for her was greatly reduced. According to the truth, Shen Yue is so unattractive, and the resources should not be so good. However, not only does Shen Yue not understand her position, but even Shen Yue's agent belongs to that very arrogant type. It is not the first time to directly contact netizens on the network.

Some netizens believe that if they really want to stay in this circle for a long time, even if their strength is not good, they should also have basic politeness. They all say that acting is like being a man. They still hope that such antagonism against netizens will occur less in the future.