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How about getting married this year? What taboos need attention

Marriage is a major event in one's life. Since ancient times, China pays attention to choosing a good day as the auspicious day for marriage, but it is often ignored for the auspicious year of marriage. Some people will choose to get married in the year of their birth, so how about getting married in the year of their birth? Are there any taboos

Reasons for taboo marriage in benmingnian:

1. Benmingnian and Nianming Fu Yin in the eight characters of the Japanese Lord. That is, sad things will happen

2. In this life year, people are generally in the 'lunar year', and the physiological cycle of the body is at a trough, which is easy to get sick

3. There are four years in this life year that will be closely related to this life, mainly including Chen, you, Hai and Wu. People born in these four years form Chen self punishment, afternoon self punishment, Hai self punishment and unitary self punishment.

How about getting married in '95

The experience of the older generation tells us that we can't get married in benmingnian. The reason why we say this is because in the past, many people didn't get married smoothly in the year of their birth. Isn't there an old saying, 'sitting in the head at the age of too old is a disaster without happiness?' but a lot of experience tells us that whether the year of their birth is good or bad, blessed or not, is actually connected with their own eight characters. The year of their birth is just a statement, He is no different from other years.

In fact, benmingnian can get married. No matter which year you choose to get married, you may encounter some twists and turns in the process of your marriage, and it will also consume a lot of expenses. Therefore, whether the husband and wife are happy and harmonious in their future life and whether they can grow old together has no great impact on their marriage in this life year. What works is whether the eight characters of the two people are in tacit understanding.

What are the taboos of marriage in benmingnian:

In fact, not everyone is bad to get married in this year. You can get married as long as your zodiac is not dragon, horse, chicken and pig. Because these four zodiac signs coincide with the twelve local branches, there will be a lot of difficulties in getting married in this year. Of course, marriage and life after marriage will be difficult. Therefore, in addition to these four zodiac signs, other zodiac signs can get married in this year.

When we get married in benmingnian, we should communicate more with our lovers. Only by dealing with the relationship between two people and reaching spiritual consistency, can we care about each other and love each other in life. Even if we encounter contradictions, we will deal with problems wholeheartedly and calmly. Of course, in future life, we must not intensify contradictions, let alone expose shortcomings, This can ensure the happiness and stability of marriage.

Pig people are still worried about getting married in this year. After all, luck is a key factor. This year is a bad year. If they get married, it may lead to uncertain feelings between husband and wife.