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The results of the European parliament election are released, and the six key points in the European

Original title: the 2019 European Parliament Election ends, and the results of the European parliament election are released. According to the 'Central News Agency', the European Parliament Election ends today. In addition to the 20-year high turnout, the preliminary results show that the far right has made great gains, and the Green Party has sprung up. The traditional parties of European countries have suffered a heavy setback in this election.

[turnout hit a 20-year high]

As the EU currently faces many problems, from immigration, brexit, economy to climate change, the election results have attracted attention from all walks of life.

According to the associated press, a spokesman for the European Parliament said that the turnout in this election reached 50.5%, the highest in 20 years, 8 percentage points higher than the last election held in 2014.

The election across the 28 EU countries can be said to be a tug of war between populism and pro EU forces. Nearly 51% of the voting rate represents that more than 200 million voters cast a sacred vote.

The European parliament held its first election in 1979, when the turnout of nine member states was 62%. However, despite the increase of EU membership to 28 countries and the European Parliament elections held every five years, the voting rate continued to decline, only 42.61% in 2014. [the European people's party is still the largest party, but its performance is worse than that of the previous session]

According to the latest forecast data of the European parliament election, the center right European people's Party (EPP) won the most seats in 751 seats in the European Parliament, winning 180 seats, far lower than the 216 seats in the previous session, but still higher than the 152 seats of the center left rival League for social and democratic progress. The League for social and democratic progress had 185 seats.

Agence France Presse reported that several populist, Eurosceptic and right-wing political parties won more than 150 seats.

The Party group "national and Free Europe", composed of the French far right populist "National League" and the Italian anti immigrant "coalition party", jumped from 37 seats to 55 seats.

[leaders of various countries are happy and worried]

French President macron has previously said that the results of the European parliament election are very important to him. Now his centrist camp lags behind the far right, which is bound to be a major setback in his two-year term.

In Germany, export polls show that the Christian / social alliance led by German Chancellor Angela Merkel won only about 28% of the votes.

Syriza, the radical left coalition of Greek Prime Minister tsipras, lagged behind the conservative opposition New Democratic Party (nd) in second place. Tsipras said he would ask for an early election.

However, the ruling party that supports nationalism and doubts Europe has performed well, and the youth Democratic Party (Fidesz) of Hungarian prime minister Orban is expected to win a big victory; Similarly, Poland's right-wing Conservative Legal Justice Party (PIs) has led all the way.

[brexit stalled and the Conservatives suffered Waterloo]

Britain extended the original date of leaving the European Union on March 29 to October 31. Due to the delay in passing the brexit agreement by parliament, Britain must participate in the election of the European Parliament.

Prime Minister Theresa & middot; Mei had announced her resignation sadly. The current results show that her conservative party may suffer Waterloo in the election, ranking fourth.

The preliminary results show that the brexit Party of suspected European faction farachi is expected to be the biggest winner, with 31.5% of the votes; The pro EU Liberal Democratic Party competed for second place with the largest opposition Labour Party.

[far right and populist political parties have gained a lot]

Preliminary results and predictions show that Marina & middot; Le Pen's French political party, the National League, took a slight lead compared with the ruling party.

Italian interior minister Salvini's coalition party is expected to win a majority of votes; In Germany, the far right German alternative choice Party (AFD) won 10.5% of the votes, better than the previous 7.1%.

However, not all far right parties have achieved much. Due to corruption scandals before the election, Austria's far right Liberal Party ranked third; Holland's far right leader Wilders may also lose all seats in the European Parliament.

[irresistible green wave]

The green parties in Europe's top countries have achieved record double-digit results in the European Parliament elections today. Their strong performance reflects that the younger generation speaks with their votes and asks the authorities to take action to curb global warming.

In Germany, the Greens have jumped to second place, squeezing out Merkel's ruling coalition partner, the center left Social Democratic Party (SPD).

Export polls also show that the French Green Party, led by former heavyweights of Greenpeace France, won 12% to 12.7%, better than 8.9% in the last election.