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What kind of texture does the goddess's favorite MAC mouth red recommend

Lipstick is one of the common cosmetics, and MAC Meike, as one of the big lipsticks, is also the most popular brand for women. Meike has many lipstick numbers, but it can distinguish between matte and moisturizing. What are the texture of the most popular Lipsticks in Mac? Let's take a look with sihaiwang Xiaobian

Which MAC lipstick is moisturizing

1. Amplified cream: cream texture, good coloring, good chromaticity, thick coating can achieve complete coverage, but it can also be thinly coated, light or thick. Lip lines will appear if there is skin on the mouth, and the lighter the color, the more obvious. The durability is medium. You can wipe it off with paper. There will still be discoloration when you encounter it. The moisture is medium.

2. Lustre: the hiding power is weak, and thick coating can not completely cover the lip color. It has a strong sense of oil and luster. It is easy to apply. There will be accumulated lines in the deep lip lines, decolorization and sticky hair in case of contact. Those who like a strong sense of moisture can be selected, and they are the least loved by individuals.

3. Satin: its name is silk and satin. It feels semi matte. Thick coating has a strong sense of luster. Thin coating can also be matte. Thick coating can achieve complete coverage, good coloring, high chromaticity and general durability. It can be wiped off with a paper towel, and there will be slight discoloration. It belongs to a texture I can accept.

4. Creamsheen: it is also a moisturizing texture with general coverage. Deep lip color may not be completely covered, while light lip color can be completely covered. The coloring degree is medium and lasting. I don't like it very much.

5. Retro matte: this texture is my favorite texture in my family. It is much drier than matte. The color should be applied harder. The covering power is very good. It is completely covered, completely matte, non decolorized and durable. Even if the lips have lines and dry skin, it can't be seen. Therefore, the color of this texture is my top priority.

6. Frost: it also has a strong sense of luster, especially the color with flicker. The covering is not complete and lasting. It will decolorize when it comes to contact. It doesn't matter if you like glittering and making people love. I don't love it personally.

7. Matte: although it is a matte series, in fact, for me, some are not dry enough and are easy to apply. There are slight differences in its matte series, some are more dry, some are more moist, and the covering power is complete. No matter how deep the lip color is, it can be completely covered, without lip lines and color blocking, and there will be slight discoloration, The texture of personal second love.

What kind of texture does chili belong to

Girls familiar with MAC know that this is their classic bullet design. Actually, I love it very much. The buckle of lip balm has a very subtle force and feels good. The lipstick shell is also look like a good quality pearlescent black, which is worth his price. Chili changes a lot. It's very bright red under natural light and a little orange under warm yellow light, but it won't be on the mouth. It's very positive and a little dark brick red.

What is the correct way to apply lipstick

1. Draw the lip parting line

STEP1: the line of the upper lip is the concave place in the middle of the human body. Take this line as the boundary, first use the lip brush to dip the lipstick from the boundary line.

2. Draw a Y shape

Step2: along the upper lip boundary, smear the upward convex parts on both sides of the boundary and draw a Y shape. Fill carefully along the edge of your lips.

3. Draw the lip angle

Step3: don't worry after drawing the Y character. Start from the two corners of the upper lip to the middle, and fill it carefully along the edge.

4. Trace the upper lip line

Step4: draw from the lip corner to both sides of the Y-shape, connect with each other, and draw the lip line of the upper lip.

5. Fill the upper lip

Step5: fill the entire upper lip according to the dotted line in the figure.

6. Draw the lower lip line

Step6: draw an approximate lower lip line along the lower lip.

7. Fill the lower lip

STEP7: carefully fill the entire lower lip.

8. Smear along the dotted line

STEP8: then apply the lipstick to the dotted line in the picture, and the color is very meticulous and full.

9. Embellishment

Step9: for the final modification, lip makeup can be applied evenly and well according to this method.