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What is the ending of the ice breaking operation? Is Cai Yongqiang dead

What is the ending of the ice breaking operation? Is Cai Yongqiang dead Recently, ice breaking operation is on the air. Cai Yongqiang in the film was suspected of being an insider at the beginning and then completely washed white. However, although Cai Yongqiang of the crew is honest, he is also in danger. What is the outcome of ice breaking operation Cai Yongqiang? Let's have a preview.

Is Cai Yongqiang dead in the ice breaking operation?

Cai Yongqiang didn't die in the end, but cleared the suspicion. Li Weimin also trusted Cai Yongqiang very much, making CAI Yongqiang the leader of the front commando and killing the gang criminals. Cai Yongqiang also realized his wish of the anti drug police and didn't have to face the coercion and inducement of criminals every day. Cai Yongqiang is a good man and a good policeman. As a pioneer in the front, he led a large group of troops into the tazhai to carry out orders, carry out tasks and catch drugs.

Introduction to the ending of the TV play:

Li Weimin and Li Fei planned the final action, destroyed tazhai village and found the last boss, Ma Yunbo, Mayor Chen Wenze and police officer Chen, but they did not explain the specific identity of the last so-called old man.

The criminal was successfully arrested, but Zhao Jialiang was also killed by the criminal. Li Fei knew that Zhao Jialiang was his own father, but he also lost his own father. Li Fei was a little unacceptable after the operation and left the police post to go to Xinjiang for a while. Other people also continue to serve as police officers. Ma Wen and Chen Ke are not dead, but Ma Wen and Li Fei have hidden stories. Li Fei left Xinjiang and wrote a letter to Chen Ke. The letter basically asked Ma Wen. This ending also gives the audience free imagination. Wu Zi and Lin Shuibo finally lived their own lives in Huizhou.