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What are the ways of swindlers to abduct children? How can parents prevent children from being abduc

i. what are the ways for cheaters to abduct children

1. Pretend to be a doctor or nurse, then use the excuse of examination to carry the child away, and quickly escape from the hospital.

2. When taking the children by car, I met my hometown. As a result, when you relax your vigilance, the 'fellow townsman' takes the child away and escapes quickly.

3. When shopping or shopping in the supermarket, the human traffickers take advantage of the adults to select items and secretly take away the children.

4. Pretend to be a nanny and go out for a walk with your baby one day.

5. Take the children out to play, and suddenly meet the motorcyclists, snatch the children and go away.

6. The door is open at home for ventilation. The baby sits in the living room and plays. The human traffickers run into the living room and take the baby away.

2. To prevent children from being abducted, please follow the instructions below.

1. Keep an eye on children

Children can't tell whether strangers are good or bad. They basically have no resistance in the face of temptation. If they are slightly tempted, they will run with them. So in our daily life, we should always keep our eyes on our children and keep them away from you.

2. Don't let him go out alone

Some parents will let their children play at the door by themselves, and think it's OK to be close to home. However, it only takes a few seconds for human traffickers to hold the children away. In such a short period of time, you may not have left the door, so do not let the children go out alone; when the children play in the living room, they should also close the door.

3. Don't go with strangers

If the child is older and can understand you, then he should be instilled with some safety knowledge, especially don't let them follow strangers, let alone eat the food they give. If you meet a stranger to pick yourself up, you need to call for help in time to attract the attention of passers-by or mother.

4. Go out and hold the child tightly

If the child can't walk, it's better to hold him in front of his chest when he goes out, because if he keeps letting go of the cart, he will not only absorb the exhaust gas, but also be robbed by others. It is recommended to use the waist stool strap to fix the child on himself, so that the traffickers can not start.

5. Report to the police in time

Some people say that children can't be reported to the police within 24 hours. Here I solemnly remind all mothers that this is nonsense. According to the law of our country, if the minors are lost or missing, they can call the police immediately, and the police will immediately file a case for investigation without waiting for 24 hours at all.

Tips for elves:

There are many ways for cheaters to prevent children from being cheated. Please do well in all aspects according to the above tips.