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More than 80% of college students have had a secret love survey summary of College Students' secret

More than 80% of college students have had a secret love survey summary of College Students' secret love did you have a crush in college? Today is 520 online Valentine's day. An organization conducted a love survey, and the data show that more than 80% of college students have had a secret love, and half of them are unwilling to confess. Let's see the details below.

May 20 is online Valentine's day. On this day, many people will express their love to their loved ones, but some people put their love in their hearts and secretly love each other. So, what about college students' secret love? How many college students have had a crush? Will you confess to your secret lover? What impact will secret love have on learning and life? When the confession is rejected, what will you do?

Recently, the campus news agency of China Youth Network conducted a questionnaire survey on 859 college students in China. The results show that more than 80% of college students have had secret love, and most of them like the opposite sex with sincere and kind heart, good temperament and high appearance value; Nearly half of the students are unwilling to confess that 'the other party regards himself as a friend' and 'the other party is too excellent to be worthy of the other party' have become the main reasons for the students not to confess; More than 30% of the students believe that secret love will make their study and life better, and more than 80% of the students will choose to become excellent through efforts during secret love; More than 50% of the students do not regret not confessing, and nearly half of the students will give up their secret love because they are refused to confess.

More than 80% of them have had secret love and like the opposite sex with sincere heart, good temperament and high appearance value

How many college students have had a crush? The survey shows that 81.14% of college students said they had had a secret love object, while 11.76% said they had never had a secret love object.

Chen Huilin, a student at Hubei Institute of engineering, said that his monitor was handsome and cheerful. When he first entered the University, he had a good impression of him. 'every time I carry out class activities, I always use my spare light to steal a look at him. I am careful for fear of being found. I will feel very comfortable looking at him.'

Huang Yan, a student of Chengdu University of traditional Chinese medicine, talked about her secret love object, 'he is a very talented person, and he is very kind, careful and patient. I have been secretly fond of him for two years. During these two years, I found him more and more excellent, and I have always buried my love for him in the bottom of my heart. "

What are the advantages of the object of secret love that attract college students? The survey shows that secret love objects' sincere and kind-hearted ',' good temperament 'and' high face value 'have the most choices, with 72.53%, 70.31% and 69.15% students choosing each; In addition, 62.98% of college students chose 'having common topics and interests with each other'; 62.05% chose to be self-motivated; 61.35% chose talent; 54.48% had strong selection ability; 50.06% chose excellent results; Only 21.65 college students from good families choose.

Wang Rong, a student at Yibin University, said that secret love is beautiful, just like waiting for Epiphyllum to bloom at night. He is nervous and excited and afraid of disappointment. " Just staying with the kind-hearted him will feel very comfortable. At the same time, he will also be infected by the other party's heart, making himself as close to him as the other party. Although I will pay attention to my appearance and temperament, the advantage of each other is the infinite power that makes me better. "

"Everyone likes beautiful things. At first glance, he was amazed by his appearance, but then I found that he did everything very seriously, devoted himself, worked actively, would not cheat, and was very strict with himself." Jiang Yu, a student of Hope College of Southwest Jiaotong University, said that he only wanted to protect the object of his secret love silently. It was enough to see him and pay attention to him.

The proportion of reasons that attract college students to secretly love each other. China Youth Network reporter Li Huaxi cartography

Nearly half of them are unwilling to confess, and 'the other party regards itself as a friend' is the main reason for not confessing

Will college students confess to their secret lovers? According to the survey of China, 52.62% of college students choose to confess to their secret love objects, while 47.38% choose not to confess.

Chen Shu of Chengdu University of information engineering believes that if you like it, you should say it out loud. " It's a wonderful thing to like someone. If you just fall in love secretly and never dare to take a step, then they are destined to miss it. Now we're all in college. It's normal to fall in love. If you pursue bravely, you won't regret it. "

'it's not called secret love. I like the feeling of secret love.' Tan Li, a student of Sichuan Agricultural University, feels that some love has not been put in his heart. He says, "it's very nice to love someone silently in my heart. If you take the initiative to express it, you won't feel like this. It's easy to be a friend if you are rejected."

So, what are the reasons why college students are unwilling to confess? 54.95% and 54.83% of college students chose 'the other party only regards themselves as friends' and' the other party is too excellent to be worthy of the other party '; 46.8% chose to 'wait for an appropriate time to confess'; 37.6% said 'the other party has a lover'; 27.36% 'afraid that falling in love will delay the development of both parties'; 17.46% thought that 'love costs a lot, and economic conditions do not allow'; ' Only 8.85% of the people around are opposed to falling in love.

Li Zhixiu, a student of Chengdu Vocational College of agricultural science and technology, said that he had a crush on a science 'Xueba' in high school. 'I liked him for three years and didn't dare to confess. I chose science for him and wanted to repeat it for him. Now I think it's really immature, childish and sensitive, but I think he's very good in all aspects during the three years of crush. Finally, I sent him a handwritten letter, Thank him for illuminating my high school. "

Wu Ji, a student of Chengdu University, told reporters that he had low self-esteem since childhood and was a 'little transparent' who dared not take the initiative to meet strangers. But when he got to the University, he saw a girl, secretly attended class and paid attention to her from the beginning, then pretended to sit beside her at random and made countless encounters at school. The closer Wu Ji gets to her, the more she finds that she is becoming better and better, friendly to people and frank in character... "I want to confess to her one day when I can deserve her, and I will continue to grow and try to catch up with each other in the future."

Super 3 causes secret love to become better, and super 80% choose to make themselves excellent through efforts

What impact will secret love have on College Students' study and life? The survey shows that 34.49% of College Students' study and life have become better due to secret love, 35.04% think it has no impact, and 30.27% say that secret love has caused trouble to study and life.

On the other hand, what have college students done for their secret lovers? According to the survey, 82.19% of college students choose to 'strive to be excellent', 72.06% try to understand each other's hobbies and interests and find common topics', 60.65% will 'secretly observe each other every day', 52.85% choose to 'dress up themselves carefully in appearance', and 35.39% will 'take the initiative to contact each other every day'.

Liu Yaqing, a student of Anyang Normal University, grew up in a secret love. Liu Yaqing said that the boy he secretly loves writes very well and thinks very carefully. He belongs to a particularly excellent boy. " At that time, I took him as one of my beliefs and wanted to secretly work hard to make myself excellent. I hope he can see me. " Later, the two became familiar with each other gradually. Instead, Liu Yaqing didn't feel the feeling of secret love. They became good friends who didn't say anything.

'My secret love object is in junior high school, but I actually like her after graduating from junior high school. Her grades were very good. She was admitted to our best No. 1 middle school, while I only entered the No. 2 middle school. At that time, I thought that if I could do better, I could be in the same school with her. " Lin Fansen, a student at Anhui Normal University, said that she had been working hard in high school in the hope that she could be admitted to the same university as her, but after the college entrance examination results came out, she lost the list and didn't even pass the undergraduate course. " And I got one, and then she went to my alma mater to repeat it. Before long, she told me that she was in love, and this secret love was announced to be over. "

More than 50% don't regret not confessing, and nearly half will give up secret love because the other party refuses

During the period of secret love, will those college students who miss the confession to the object of secret love regret it? The survey shows that 56.93% of college students do not regret, and 43.07% of college students regret.

Zeng Huiqing, a student of Zunyi Medical University, once missed telling her secret love object, but she didn't regret it. In high school, Zeng Huiqing didn't tell her feelings to the boys she secretly loved. Once, she inadvertently found a girl in the chat background shared by the class. She was wearing military training clothes and looked very beautiful. 'the girl should be his girlfriend. I may only be a brother he likes, not his type of girl. She didn't confess at that time, I don't regret it. "

Zhang Jinghua, a student at Chongqing Jiaotong University, mocked himself as a 'black sister'. Because her skin color is relatively black, she prefers white and clean boys. In her eyes, white boys have their own aura. " For a period of time, I really liked a boy, which was also a secret love, but slowly the feeling disappeared. I'm glad I didn't express it on impulse. "

What do college students do when they refuse to express their secret love? The survey shows that 47.85% of college students will directly choose to give up after they express their rejection; 40.28% of college students said they would not give up, but would guard each other silently; 11.87% of college students said they would not give up and continue to find opportunities to express themselves.

Chen Zhaowen, a student of Guangdong Medical University, suffered a setback in her first secret love. " I like playing volleyball, but I play very badly. He plays volleyball very well. When playing volleyball, he looked at me with disdainful eyes. I was very unconvinced. I practiced volleyball wildly and wanted to & lsquo; Catch up & rsquo; He. "

Finally, the two had feelings. One day, Chen Zhaowen summoned up the courage to confess to each other, but she was declined. Chen Zhaowen said that she was in a very bad mood for some time, but she slowly adjusted. " After this secret love, it turns into & lsquo; Ming love & rsquo; After I failed, I felt that my psychology had become mature, and I didn't think about love anymore. "

Sun Yat sen University student Li Chengxing secretly fell in love with a girl in his class when he was a sophomore. 'I'm a relatively introverted boy. I tried to write an article on the Internet, make an anonymous confession on the school wall, and then take a screenshot to hint in the class group. After that, Li Chengxing confessed directly to the other party, but found that the other party had no feeling for him at all. He also thought his behavior was childish, so he resolutely gave up his secret love in his heart, 'I know, trying to turn things around is not sweet, and I don't want to be so humble.'

College Teachers: secret love should be a process of self-improvement and self realization

In view of the secret love behavior of college students during their student years, Wang Xudong, Secretary of the Youth League Committee of the school of chemistry and environment of Guangdong Ocean University, said that looking at everyone's growth, individuals have reached physiological maturity before and after junior high school, and gradually move towards psychological maturity after entering the University. Love is an important step towards psychological maturity. It is the only way to cultivate healthy and intimate relationships.

However, secret love is different from love. It is an individual's emotion facing the other side. " From the psychological level, secret love is so common among college students. I think there may be two reasons: first, & lsquo; Secret love & rsquo; The beauty attached to itself; Second, & lsquo; Secret love & rsquo; It is an individual's unilateral emotion, which can be controlled and controlled by the parties concerned. " Wang Xudong said.

Wang Xudong believes that whether it's secret love, love or single,