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What country is Heidi and grandpa? Which novel is Heidi and grandpa adapted from?

Recently, the Douban high score film Heidi and grandpa has been released in major cinemas in China. It is a 15-year-old film, but it has still been welcomed by many audiences after it was released recently. Many people want to know what country Heidi and grandpa is? Which novel is it adapted from? This article has brought you a specific introduction. Let's have a look.

Heidi and grandpa is a German plot film produced by yingorgana film company. It is Johanna & middot; By spily. She was born in a small village. Her mother is a poet and her father is a doctor. Good family atmosphere for Johanna & middot; Spily's writing is naturally of great help. In her writing process, there are many works named after Heidi, such as Heidi's learning and roaming years, Heidi's learning for application, little Heidi and so on.

Heidi and grandpa is adapted from little Heidi. In this story, it is full of warmth between relatives. Little Heidi's naive romance warms one reader after another. The media commented that the book will never be out of date. The famous writer Helen Keller once mentioned that little Heidi is one of the most unforgettable books in her life.

However, no one has ever thought of portraying the protagonist as such a naive Johanna & middot; Spily, however, suffered from depression. In 1852, Johanna & middot; Spily met her husband. They fell in love. Then they got married and gave birth to a baby boy. However, she suffered from depression.

In those days, Johanna & middot; Spily often thinks not of her husband and son, but of death. She always wanted to know her life, but her husband often encouraged her to have hope for life and love life. Finally, Johanna & middot; Spily diverted her attention by writing.