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What's wrong with punching cards in the circle of friends? How will the circle of friends be punishe

Today, the circle of friends posted a hot search list in violation of clocking in, but many people don't understand what it means? Why is it illegal for the circle of friends to punch in? How will the circle of friends be punished after violating the rules? The editor of this article has brought you the specific situation of punching violations in the circle of friends. Let's have a look.

on May 13, the wechat Security Center released the 'notice on the processing of card punching in the inducement sharing circle of friends'. The announcement shows that WeChat explicitly prohibits the use of WeChat products to induce sharing behavior. Recently, some official account and App software use the way of returning tuition fees and sending objects, etc., which lure WeChat users to share their links (including two-dimensional code pictures) to the friends circle to punch cards, which seriously affect the user experience of the daily attendance circle of friends and violates the "WeChat external link content management standard".

Wechat Security Center said that inducing sharing is an abnormal marketing behavior, which seriously destroys the normal circle of friends experience, and violates relevant agreements and special rules such as wechat external link content management specification, wechat public platform service agreement, public platform operation specification, wechat open platform developer service agreement and wechat personal account use specification, Once found, the wechat team will deal with it as follows:

Including but not limited to stopping the continuous dissemination of linked content in the circle of friends, stopping access to relevant domain names or IP addresses, and banning the sharing interface of relevant open platform accounts or applications; For the violators who repeatedly violate the rules and engage in confrontational acts, a step-by-step processing mechanism will be adopted, including but not limited to reducing the daily sharing limit, restricting the use of wechat login function interface, permanently banning account, domain name, IP address or sharing interface; For the individual account suspected of using wechat plug-in and inducing users to share through wechat group, the wechat account will be subject to stepped punishment according to the severity of violation.