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Huawei issues four point statement

Original title: early this morning, Huawei issued a four point statement

Huawei issues four point statement Recently, Meng Wanzhou was extradited again and tried again. It has been two months since the last time. For this, Huawei officially released four lives. Let's have a look.

At 10 a.m. local time on May 8, the high court of British Columbia, Canada reopened the hearing on Ms. Meng Wanzhou's extradition. Meng Wanzhou's last public appearance in court was about two months ago. This hearing only determines the schedule of the next trial, and will not make a decision on whether to extradite or not.

The court finally approved Meng Wanzhou's application to move to shaugnessy, and stipulated that a hearing on relevant information disclosure would be held from September 23 to October 4. The judge asked Meng Wanzhou to appear in court at 10 a.m. on September 23.

After the hearing, the global network editorial department received a four point statement from Huawei. The following is the full text of Huawei's statement:

Huawei has always believed that Ms. Meng is innocent. We believe that the arrest of Ms. Meng ordered by the United States is an illegal abuse of procedures, driven by political factors rather than the rule of law.

Ms. Meng's lawyer disclosed three important matters in court today:

First, the criminal case against Ms. Meng is entirely based on false charges. The lawyer clearly pointed out in court today that Ms. Meng's behavior is open and transparent, and the bank staff also fully understand the actual situation of relevant issues. The PPT stated by Ms. Meng is not misleading. The bank understands the nature of skycom's business and operation in Iran and the relationship between Huawei and skycom. Therefore, there is no evidence to prove that Ms. Meng has committed 'deception, dishonesty or other improper means', and the bank is not at risk of being deprived of interests due to Ms. Meng's statement.

Second, the actions taken by relevant Canadian departments with the participation of the FBI have caused many and serious violations of Ms. Meng's rights under the Canadian Charter of rights and freedoms. The evidence released by the Canadian Ministry of justice shows that the arrest of Ms. Meng was coordinated by the Royal Canadian Mounted Police, the Canadian Border Service and the FBI. The Royal Canadian Mounted Police deliberately delayed the production of the arrest warrant and illegally detained and searched Ms. Meng in the name of 'routine entry inspection'. In addition, they also searched Ms. Meng's luggage, seized her mobile phone and other electronic devices according to the instructions of the FBI, and forced her to hand over her password. More key evidence on this case is still in the hands of the Royal Canadian Mounted Police, the Canadian Border Service and the Ministry of justice. Ms. Meng will subsequently apply to the court for further publication of relevant evidence by the Royal Canadian Mounted Police, the Canadian Border Service and the Ministry of justice.

Third, the arrest of Ms. Meng violates the principle of dual criminality, the core principle of the US Canada extradition treaty and Canada's extradition act. The US accusation against Ms. Meng is based on the US sanctions against Iran, but Canada currently has no financial sanctions against Iran. Therefore, the accusation faced by Ms. Meng does not constitute a crime in Canada. The request for extradition does not meet the requirement of dual criminality.

In addition, counsel believes that the political factors in the extradition process will lead to serious damage to justice and infringement of Ms. Meng's legitimate rights. Ms. Meng will apply to the court to stop the extradition procedure.

Canada is a country that respects the rule of law and the Canadian Charter of rights and freedoms. We believe that officials of law enforcement agencies should abide by the principle of the rule of law at all times and under all circumstances, and treat all people equally, including Canadian citizens and visitors.

We believe in the Canadian judicial system, and we look forward to Ms. Meng's freedom as soon as possible.