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What is shrimp yellow in crayfish head? Can crayfish shrimp yellow be eaten

What is shrimp yellow in crayfish head? Can crayfish shrimp yellow be eaten it's the season when crayfish is on the market. When many friends eat crayfish, they find that there is a shrimp emperor in the head of crayfish. Do you know what the shrimp yellow is in the head of crayfish? Can crayfish and shrimp yellow be eaten? Let's have a look.

What is yellow in the head of crayfish

The yellow in the head of crayfish is shrimp yellow, which usually appears in the head of mature female shrimp.

Shrimp yellow is actually the ovary of the mature female shrimp. The unproductive shrimp (that is, eggs) will contain shrimp yellow in the head and neck of the mature female shrimp in the brain. Therefore, the shrimp with shrimp yellow must be the female shrimp, but without shrimp yellow, it is not necessarily the male shrimp, and the shrimp yellow can not be seen in the immature female shrimp. The head of crayfish is full of miscellaneous organs such as brain, heart, gonads, digestive glands, stomach and antennal glands. The shrimp yellow worshipped by the 'shrimp head sect' is actually the digestive gland of crayfish, that is, the liver and pancreas of shrimp.

In fact, 'shrimp yellow' is rich in unsaturated fatty acids, protein, trace element selenium and various vitamins. That still sounds great, doesn't it? Unfortunately, the reality is always cruel. The enrichment effect of crayfish on heavy metals is higher than that of grass carp and crucian carp. Due to water pollution, heavy metals are concentrated in exoskeleton and liver. In this reminder, in order to enjoy the crayfish safely, we must select the crayfish bred in an environment with better water quality, and the shrimp head should be removed as far as possible.

Can you eat the yellow in the head of crayfish

Shrimp yellow itself is completely edible, but it is not recommended.

Because shrimp yellow is closely connected with shrimp liver, it is difficult to separate, and the liver is the detoxification organ of shrimp. Therefore, experts suggest that people should eat less or no shrimp yellow as far as possible, and should not harm their health in order to pursue freshness.

The yellow on the head of crayfish can't be eaten. The circulatory system, respiratory system and reproductive system of shrimp are concentrated in the head and chest, and the abdomen can be said to be just motor organs. From the perspective of health, it is really not recommended to eat the head of shrimp. In addition to the difficulty in removing the sediment, there can also be risks such as parasites. The black line on the back of the shrimp abdomen is its intestines. Of course, it is shrimp stool, which should also be removed before cooking.