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The scenic spot charges 14 yuan for toilet use, which is amazing

The scenic spot charges 14 yuan for toilet use, which is amazing during May Day, the major scenic spots were full, and the toilets in the scenic spots were also used by some people as money making props. Recently, it was revealed on the Internet that the toilet fee in a scenic spot in Wenzhou was as high as 14 yuan. Let's see what happened.

On May 5, the surging news learned from the market supervision bureau of Dongtou district that during the May Day holiday, the Bureau received complaints from tourists that a small restaurant in Dongao scenic spot used the toilet in the store to charge tourists for use.

After the law enforcement officers arrived at the scene, Guo Moumou, the owner of the restaurant, said that her small restaurant was located at the innermost side of the beach in the Dong'ao scenic spot. Seeing many tourists pouring into the scenic spot, the other hotels made a lot of money, but few tourists visited her own store.

"Few people order, but many come to ask for the location of the toilet." Guo Moumou said that he therefore moved the idea of using the toilet in the store to collect some user fees.

As of the time when law enforcement officers came to the door, Guo had collected a total of 14 yuan from tourists. After criticism and education, she confessed to her illegal behavior and corrected it on the spot.

Surging news learned from Dongtou District Municipal Supervision Bureau that Guo was suspected of failing to express the service items and charging standards to tourists in the process of providing paid services. In accordance with the relevant provisions of the price law, he will be fined less than 5000 yuan.