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How to identify true and false noodles? What should I pay attention to when buying noodles?

It is said that we should have a good breakfast. Vermicelli is also the first choice for many people, and the nutrients in it are relatively balanced. When buying vermicelli, many people may pay more attention to its calories. However, some vermicelli are fake. It's bad for your health after eating, so how to identify true and false vermicelli? What should I pay attention to when buying noodles?

1、 Types of noodles

Vermicelli is made of wheat flour, salt, alkali and water. After hanging and drying, it is cut into dry noodles with a certain length. The main varieties are ordinary vermicelli, color vermicelli, hand vermicelli, etc; According to the varieties of auxiliary materials, there are egg vermicelli, tomato vermicelli, spinach vermicelli, carrot vermicelli, kelp vermicelli, lysine vermicelli, etc. At present, vermicelli has formed a common development pattern of staple food, flavor, nutrition and health care.

The main nutrients of vermicelli (vermicelli without additives) generally contain: crude protein, crude fat, carbohydrates and crude fiber. The vermicelli added with excipients varies with the variety and proportion of excipients.

The packaging of vermicelli is divided into paper, plastic bags, boxes, etc. Vermicelli shall be stored in a place easy to ventilate, dry, clean and free of peculiar smell. It shall not be mixed with articles easy to pollute.

2、 Some points that consumers should pay attention to when buying noodles

In addition to the taste and price factors on the product packaging, the following points should also be considered when purchasing noodles:

1. Famous brand products should be preferred because the production enterprises of famous brand products have a certain production scale. Enterprises pay attention to product quality and strengthen internal quality management. The product quality of these enterprises is guaranteed.

2. Make a rough judgment from the senses. Normal vermicelli shall be uniform in color, white, slightly yellow, and free from sour, musty and other peculiar smell; Decor vermicelli should have a special smell of adding accessories. Noodles shall be free of impurities, mildew, pests and pollution,

3. Pay attention to the production date and purchase products within the warranty period.

4. Pay attention to whether the packaging is solid, neat and beautiful. Most famous brand manufacturers use automatic packaging machines, while the products of poor manufacturers are manually packaged under extremely simple conditions in order to reduce costs.

5. Pay attention to whether the factory name, address, product name, production date, shelf life, ingredients, etc. are indicated on the product package. Do not buy products packed in white bags without factory name, factory address, product name and production date.

6. Pay attention to the quality of noodles when cooking. High quality vermicelli will not paste or muddy soup after cooking. It tastes non sticky, non shabby, soft and refreshing.

3、 How to cook vermicelli

Some people think that vermicelli contains less water and is dry and hard. It must be cooked over high heat. In fact, it is difficult to cook vermicelli well with high fire, and there are often "hard core" and "sandwich". This is because vermicelli is very dry and hard. If cooked with high fire, it will suddenly form a layer of mucous membrane on the outer layer, preventing hot water from penetrating into the inner layer. Heat can not enter the vermicelli, which will accelerate the boiling of water. The vermicelli roll up and down with the boiling, collide and rub with each other, and gelatinize the starch on the outside, Thicken the soup and affect the heat transfer capacity of water.

When cooking vermicelli, first, add more water, because the vermicelli also has a 'rise' process, which needs to absorb some water. Second, pay attention to slow fire to make the heat go in layer by layer with the water from outside to inside, so that the vermicelli can be cooked and boiled thoroughly, the noodle soup is clear and the taste is good.