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Has the post-90s passed the May 4th Movement? What's going on? Age division criteria and scope of yo

Yesterday was youth day on May 4, 2019. From the May 4th Movement in 1919, this year is the 100th anniversary of May 4th Youth Day, which is a very memorable day. Recently, the topic of "is the post-90s still after the May 4th Movement" on the hot search list has aroused heated discussion among many people, especially the post-90s. Some people think that the post-90s are no longer young and do not belong to young people. Is this true? This article brings you the division standard and scope of youth age. Let's have a look.

Division criteria of youth

(1) Age division of youth in China:

1. Communist Youth League

Article 1 of the constitution of the Communist Youth League clearly stipulates the age of League members: Chinese young people over the age of 14 and under the age of 28 who recognize the constitution of the league, are willing to participate in the League organization and work actively in it, implement the league's resolutions and pay League dues on time can apply to join the Communist Youth League of China.

If a league member has reached the age of 28 and does not hold a post within the league, he shall go through the formalities for leaving the league. This means that the age limit of youth enjoying the holiday is exactly the same as that of League members.

2. National Bureau of Statistics

The division of teenagers by the statistics department is 0 to 14 years old.

There are two criteria for the division of the elderly, namely, over 60 and over 65, but there is no division of the youth age group.

3. Outstanding youth

Judging from the very authoritative selection of the top ten outstanding young people in China, the age group participating in the evaluation is generally 18 to 40 years old. For example, two of the 18th National Top Ten Outstanding Young people selected in 2008 are exactly 40 years old.

From the perspective of provinces and cities, the age limit for the 'Top Ten Outstanding Youth' is different. Shaanxi Province is 39, Jiangsu Province is 45, Wuhan is 45 and Shenzhen is 40.

(2) International 'youth' standards

1. United Nations

In a document, people aged 14 to 25 were referred to as the 'youth population'.

2. World Health Organization

Persons under the age of 44 are classified as youth; People aged 45-59 are classified as middle-aged; People aged 60 ~ 74 are older (approaching old age); People aged 75 ~ 89 are elderly; Those over 90 years old are long-lived.


Parents born before May 4, 1989

You can't have a holiday

Let youth spirit become a social fashion

In the face of rapid social changes, social competition has brought more opportunities, but in the face of numerous opportunities, many young people don't know how to grasp them.

Some people believe that the Internet has narrowed the distance between people in this era, and also narrowed the distance between advanced players and rookies in the 'life game'. It automatically shields the cost paid by successful people and directly tells everyone what the result of success should be.

In such an environment, Xu Haojie, who ridiculed himself as a 'middle-aged man', analyzed the reporter of When some young people encounter unsatisfactory work and bad feelings, all kinds of emotions will make them feel depressed, and 'sighing old' is their expression channel.

However, young people of every era need to face the unique passion, responsibility, hesitation and pressure of young people in their era.

It is pointed out that to eliminate the twilight that hangs over the society and lingers in the hearts of young people, the society needs to open more opportunities to them, provide a fairer competitive environment and broader room for rise, make young people become capital rather than deficiency, and make the enterprising and energetic youth spirit become a social fashion.