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AJ how to identify true and false?

There is a good saying: not wearing AJ does not necessarily mean that you can't keep up with the fashion trend, but people who wear AJ must have their own opinions on the trend. Of course, the premise is that the AJ must be genuine! The prevalence of AJ style has driven the vigorous development of the whole industry. Some people feel that they are not fashionable enough, so they blindly follow the trend and spend money to buy AJ. They feel that they can wear shoes of the same brand with everyone. It is the brand that is too popular, and an endless stream of fake goods are also common. Next, let's see how to distinguish the true and false of AJ!

shoes tongue:

Tongue is an important method to distinguish true and false aj1 (key points)! At the tongue of genuine aj1, you can clearly see that the Nike cloth label is perfectly stitched at the second line of the tongue. On the tongue of high imitation aj1, it is obvious that there is a big gap between the font and suture of Nike's cloth label. The first thing to get a sneaker is usually to distinguish the true and false aj1 from the tongue. Also, take aj1 white buckle broken as an example. The tongue of genuine aj1 white buckle broken is pure white, while the tongue color of high imitation aj1 is more milky white.


This may not accurately distinguish the true from the false aj1, but it is also a simple way. After opening the shoebox, if you find that your shoelaces only wear the first two holes, it is very likely that you buy genuine shoes. But if you open the box and find that your shoelaces not only wear the first two holes, but also have a cross, then you buy high imitation shoes. This can only be used as a simple reference.

Air jordan logo:

This can only be found by careful observation. On the authentic aj1, the letters' R 'and'd' of the air jordan logo are connected, and the font spacing between black and other colors is very obvious and concise. However, at the air jordan logo of high imitation aj1, the letters' R 'and'd' are separated, and black ink penetration marks will be found on fonts of other colors. So this is very important, but we need to observe it carefully.

Swoosh hook:

I really can't see this without looking carefully. At the Swoosh hook of genuine aj1, the leather is cut neatly, and you can clearly feel that the leather at the hook is particularly good. The leather cutting at the Swoosh hook of high imitation aj1 will have a lot of burrs. It will also be found that the cortex is not very good and wrinkles will appear.

Shoe tail:

True and false aj1 will also appear at the tail of the shoe. At the tail of genuine aj1, you will find that there will be a certain angle between the sole and upper. In short, the tail of genuine aj1 will show a shape similar to an hourglass. The high imitation aj1 shoe tail has no angle and shape, just a simple straight line. Therefore, the shoe tail can play a very important role in distinguishing true and false shoes.


On many software for identifying the true and false aj1, the appraiser will be required to take photos of the insole, because on the back of the genuine aj1 insole, the insole is light blue, and inclined texture will be found. The insole with high imitation aj1 not only has the wrong color, but also has no important texture. In addition, there is another way to distinguish aj1 white buckle broken at the insole, that is, the basket of genuine aj1 white buckle broken presents orange, and the basket of high imitation aj1 white buckle broken insole presents a deeper red than orange.

After opening the insole:

After removing the insole, it will be obvious that there is a line of words on the sole of the high imitation aj1, but the authentic aj1 is very clean here and there will be no font.