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How to identify the true and false of online bill brushing? What should we pay attention to?

With the development of science and technology and the rise of online shopping, a new occupation has emerged, that is, online single handed. Many friends like to earn some money by taking part-time jobs online. After all, this time is free and easy. At the same time, it also allows some online swindlers to take advantage of it. How to identify the true and false online? What should we pay attention to? Let's have a look with Xiaobian.

Generally speaking, if you see a single advertisement in a group, Ta (usually a female customer service) will let you join her. Then, after you agree, she will send you a series of pictures or introduce the things they brush. At this time, you don't think the other party must be a liar or don't trust them at all, but you must be a little wary. If you really want to do it, you must carefully read the content they sent you at the beginning. Because these contents are to attract you, say how to brush the bill, and then what the process is. We can often see whether they are liars. We can know from the content they sent you from the beginning. What they said and did are different. Nine times out of ten they are liars.

After adding their friends, you can not rush to see the content they send you, but first look at their background information. Generally speaking, the space of those who really brush the bill is open, and there are screenshots showing off their money in the dynamic, but liars are generally very confidential, and their dynamics can't get in. Because in order to cheat, it's just their temporary registered trumpet. This time can be seen. If they work for a long time, they can certainly find relevant information in their QQ dynamics. In addition, when it comes to making money, it can also be found that the swindlers' accounts do not have real names, which is also a favorable evidence to prove that they are swindlers.

Don't simply imagine what they say. They must show as many screenshots of their chat records with others, transfer and remittance as possible. These things are difficult for them to fake. If they can't send them, they must be liars.

There are many procedures required for real bill swiping, which may require your ID card, mobile phone number, etc., but the requirements of those swindlers may be much simpler. Only your card needs a working capital of several hundred yuan. It is said that it is to make you pay temporarily. In fact, it is to defraud you of your money.

Don't think that all those who want the deposit are liars, and don't think that all those who don't want the deposit are good people. Because generally speaking, the formal bill brushing platform needs to pay a deposit, but if you brush the specified list within one month as required, the deposit will be returned to you. In order to deliberately attract you, the liar may disappear under the guise of no deposit at first, and then ask you to pay the bill. They will give you a small list at the beginning and return it to you with interest after payment, but there may be moths in it when they print the list and pay again later. So pay special attention!

If you continue to ask for money after you pay the deposit, no matter for that reason, you don't transfer it to them, because it must be a serial set. You will be led step by step into the trap they have designed. Therefore, there are many online part-time swindlers. You should pay more attention to what you do, especially when it comes to money!