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The leader in watches -- the world's top ten watch brands

When it comes to 'luxury', everyone's first reaction is that the price is expensive and the quantity is rare, which is what people call rare goods! In fact, watches can bring the same visual effect as clothes. A good watch can not only improve one's wearing taste, but also highlight one's temperament. What is the name of the top ten brand watches you know in the watch industry?

Top ten luxury watches in the world

1st place: Patek Philippe

This watch was made by Patek Philippe, a famous Swiss watch manufacturer, in 1932. It is the world's unique super large single button timekeeping watch. It was successfully auctioned at Sotheby's auction house in Switzerland at a high price of 1.1 million pounds. Therefore, this watch has become the most expensive watch in the world.

No. 2: Titanic Watch

It is made of platinum, gold and the steel wreckage of Titanic. Gold and platinum are also mixed in the production process. The black dial is colored with black paint made of coal seized from the cruise ship. Roman Jerome will launch 2012 watches of this series on the occasion of the 100th anniversary of the sinking of Titanic in 2012.

3rd place: Tour de l ile

The price of this watch: 1500000. The case is carefully designed with a large diameter of 44mm, which makes the resonance tone of the three question watch excellent. The innovative decorative plate bolt connecting the case and percussion parts, as well as the copper composition of the 18k rose gold case also help the sound quality performance.

No. 4: Zadora timepieces

This watch is the latest design of andreasvon Zadora gerlof. The clock of the watch is designed to spit beads from a snake. The snake body is inlaid with black and light yellow diamonds, the eyes are lined with pear shaped emeralds, and the mouth contains a novel and strange South China Sea pearl.

No. 5: Big Bang chronograph

It's a piece of jewelry or a watch. Maybe it's not just watch collectors who have been confused for a long time, but anyway, this is produced by Hublot. It's worth a piece. As soon as 1000000 luxury goods are displayed in front of us, it will make the blood flow and heartbeat of all living beings faster.

No. 6: Classic billionaire Tourbillon

When you have the classic billionaire Tourbillon of Kunlun watch, time seems to be at a standstill. 850 diamonds cover the case, ears and handle, and 44 rectangular sapphires make the watch ring brilliant and dazzling.

7th place: Tecnica skeleton chronograph

If you want to own this $850000 wristwatch, there are only three models in the world. The platinum case is equipped with a three question watch, a tourbillon, a timer and a Hall clock to tell the time.

No. 8: Grand complex

Blancpain launched this watch. The design, development and manufacturing project took a total of 6 years. It is one of the most complex and functional fully manual mechanical watches in the world. At present, only three watchmakers in the world can make such a complex watch.

9th place: Pera one

The world's first four hammer scale three question table with double-sided hollowed out face plate can directly enjoy the fine mechanical carving and exquisite hammer. Alligator rim, Westminster stopwatch repeater, and three pure gold gears.

No. 10: double flying taubillon rotary Watch

The design inspiration of this watch seems to come from our mysterious solar system. The case is made of 95% pure platinum. The double tourbillons spin on the surface of the solar system pattern at the same time, and the hands are made.