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Schedule of 2017 Dragon Boat Festival holiday do you charge high-speed fees for Dragon Boat Festival

2017 Dragon Boat Festival holiday schedule, how many days off? Do you think where to play? According to statistics, the name of Dragon Boat Festival is more than 20, such as Duanwu Festival, Duanyang Festival, Chongwu Festival, Chongwu Festival, dangwuxun Festival, Tianzhong Festival, summer festival, May Festival, calamus Festival, PuJie Festival, Longzhou Festival, Yulan Festival, Quyuan day, Wuri Festival, daughter's day, Dila Festival, poet's day, longri, Wuri, Lantern Festival, Wudan Festival, etc.

2017 Dragon Boat Festival holiday arrangement

2017 Dragon Boat Festival holiday schedule 2017 Dragon Boat Festival holiday time

From May 28 to May 30, 2017, it is a three-day public holiday

May 30 (Tuesday, Dragon Boat Festival) is a national legal holiday

May 28 (Sunday) public holiday

Public holiday from May 28 (Sunday) to May 29 (Monday)

Work as usual on Wednesday, May 31.

Is Dragon Boat Festival express free?

2017 Dragon Boat Festival Express Free notice

It is preliminarily understood that, according to the document "implementation plan of exemption of minibus tolls on major holidays" issued by the Ministry of transport of the people's Republic of China, only for the four major holidays of Spring Festival, Qingming Festival, labor day and national day, the policy of toll free tolls for minibus highways with less than 7 SEATS (including 7 seats) is implemented, excluding New Year's day, Dragon Boat Festival and Mid Autumn Festival.

It can be seen that the Dragon Boat Festival is not among the toll free holidays, so the 2017 Dragon Boat Festival expressway is not free.