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What are superhero movies? What are their classic lines?

Hollywood has produced a lot of big movies, as well as many movies about superheroes, which many people like to watch. Superhero movies come out a lot every year. Like Superman, Spiderman, iron man, hulk and so on, they are all well-known superheroes. Today I will introduce some superhero movies and some classic lines.

If you\'renothingwithout that suit, then you shouldn\'t have it.

If you're good for nothing without this suit, you shouldn't have it. Iron Man

This is a truth that human beings have no truth. The temptation of freedom deprives you of happiness in your life. You are eager to be enslaved. You are crazy in the pursuit of power and status. In fact, your bones are full of servility sooner or later & hellip; Will succumb to & hellip; Your ruler. Rocky

Never despair, because there is always hope! Never despair, because there\'s always hope! The Lord of the rings

I am only loyal to my dream-- Captain America

The key is not in my heart, but in what I do-- Batman

Be what you want to be, not what they want-- Wolverine

The greater the ability, the greater the responsibility-- Spider-Man

You failed the city-- Green Arrow

No one can win every battle, but he should not struggle in the face of difficulties-- Spider-Man

All of you care about the past, and I'm going to change the future. Marvel Universe

Roy & middot; Thomas's management method of herding sheep and taking chances led Marvel into the most unstable period, and it began to show more and more subversion. The emerging young creators are eager to show the most popular values in the superhero world. " The environment was not like a company at all, 'said a former cadence lawyer who occasionally visited Marvel's office:' I remember that when I passed the hall, I had to step over those sitting on the ground with a pipe in my mouth & lsquo; Find inspiration & rsquo; People. " Marvel Universe

I think Gwen is a replica of Stan's wife, just like Sue & middot; Like storm. Obviously, this is his blind spot. Stan & middot; Li's most brilliant place should be his creation of Mary & middot; Jane & middot; Watson, she may be the most interesting woman in this cartoon, but he never let her play her due role. He didn't make her Peter & middot; Parker's girlfriend turned out to be Peter & middot; Parker's best friend's girlfriend. This is really a big mistake. It is extremely stupid and outrageous. Therefore, killing Gwen is a completely reasonable and even inevitable choice. " Marvel Universe