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Oppor15 how to distinguish true from false? Is there any way?

Oppo is a popular mobile phone brand in China, and the advertising is very good. The quality of that brand is also quite good. A lot of people come to buy this mobile phone. Like his new R15. Many people buy it online. But someone will buy a fake. How to avoid buying fake things? Here are some tips.

You can take your mobile phone and warranty card to the local oppo customer service center to test your mobile phone for free! Oppo customer service center address query method:

1. Log in to oppo's official website, service and service outlets.

2. Oppo members and customer service on the desktop.

3. Oppo community app, home page, service center.

You can enter * #06#, and a group of 15 digit data beginning with 35 or 86 will appear on the mobile phone. Record this group of data, turn off the mobile phone and remove the battery. There is the same group of data on the back of the mobile phone and the last page of the warranty card. If the three groups of data are consistent, it indicates that the mobile phone is produced by the original factory. If not, it is false. Oppo authenticity query method: directly go to oppo official website to query, service - authenticity and guarantee query - enter your mobile phone IMEI number (IMEI query method: enter * #06#) in the dial-up interface).

The mobile phone has two serial numbers:

Dual card machines have dual IMEI numbers. Enter * #06# in the dialing interface to view the two serial numbers. Generally, the displayed serial number is viewed in * #06#. The viewed serial number is the serial number of the battery compartment of the fuselage, which is consistent with the serial number on the packaging box.

Note: for models with two serial numbers, only the first serial number is used to query the authenticity. If there are three numbers, it is because one of the cards is an electric card, and one more meid number will be displayed.

It is recommended to carry the whole machine and purchase information to oppo customer service center to identify whether the mobile phone is activated. Telecom equipment network access management, enter the website to verify the mobile phone network access license and mobile phone serial number. As long as it is a genuine mobile phone, it will be registered in the database. What is not recorded in the database or verified many times are fake mobile phones.

Buy a mobile phone or go to a professional place to buy it. Don't be greedy for small bargains. Only in this way can we be more safe. We must firmly remember.