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What should children pay attention to when they watch TV?

I believe many children like watching TV. In fact, watching TV can improve children's knowledge and cognitive ability, from which children can gain a lot. However, to treat children watching TV, we should pay attention to the following ten precautions!

1. Avoid too long time.

It is better for preschool children to watch TV within 40 minutes every day.

2. Avoid too close distance.

Generally speaking, when watching TV, it is advisable to place the child's seat 2.5-4 meters away from the TV.

3. Avoid excessive volume.

Under the stimulation of high volume for a long time, it is not only easy to reduce the sense of hearing, but also easy to reduce the sense of vision.

4. Avoid too dark light.

When you watch TV with your child at night, do not turn off all the lights. Install a small red light behind the TV to protect your eyesight.

5. Avoid improper sitting posture.

When watching TV, it is easy to deform and bend the child's unshaped spine due to improper sitting posture, so as to form a bad habit of sitting posture.

6. Don't watch after meals.

After dinner, it's better to let the child have a little activity before watching TV.

7. Avoid watching while eating.

Eating while watching TV can easily increase children's digestive burden and affect their digestive function. For a long time, it is easy to form the bad habit of eating snacks.

8. Don't watch TV about the contents of fighting and killing.

Often watch martial arts murder films, not only easy to make children in a state of tension and fear for a long time, affect physical and mental health and development, but also easy to make children have curiosity and imitation.

9. Avoid TV autism.

If children are infatuated with watching TV, they are only interested in TV programs, indifferent to things around them, and their personalities become lonely, which may lead to abnormal psychological state.

10. Don't let children lie down and watch TV.

Lying and watching TV can do great harm to children's eyesight and also affect their bone development.

Conclusion: children like watching TV is a common phenomenon. Parents should pay attention to some useful TV programs for children in this respect. Besides accompanying children to watch, they should also correct children's bad behaviors and habits when watching TV, so that children can enjoy the fun of watching TV without harming their health.