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Look at the details of Ping An insurance!

In order to have a guarantee for their car, many people will buy compulsory insurance or commercial insurance after buying a car, but how much is the car insurance? Some insurance companies begin to shirk their responsibilities when customers start to claim after a car accident, causing customers to suffer heavy losses. But as ordinary car owners, do they really understand the details of auto insurance claims? Let's follow Xiaobian to see the details of Ping An insurance!

The detailed rules for auto insurance claims roughly include the following aspects

First, when buying insurance, we should pay special attention to the contract to be signed. Many illegal businesses take advantage of the owner's lack of knowledge in contract and law to set a text trap in the agreement, so that the owner has signed an unfair contract. When the claim is settled, various problems will emerge one after another. Therefore, when buying insurance, all car owners must choose a large legal company such as Ping An insurance. Even if they do not choose Ping An insurance, they should log in to the official website of Ping An insurance and query the detailed rules for auto insurance claims, so as to facilitate their purchase of appropriate insurance.

Second, vehicle insurance is time limited. After the car accident, you must contact the insurance company in time to let them deal with all matters. Even if you can't contact in time at that time, you should contact the insurance company within 48 hours, because once 48 hours after the accident, the insurance company has reason not to settle the claim for the owner, so the owner can't get any compensation. Therefore, car owners, especially those who buy auto insurance for the first time, must contact the insurance company immediately after the vehicle accident. This detailed rules for auto insurance claims is particularly important.

Third, if the car owner encounters an accident and obtains the claim from the insurance company after purchasing the auto insurance, then this situation involves the floating of the auto insurance cost in the second year. I believe that owners who have experienced such things know that according to the detailed rules for auto insurance claims, the expenses of traffic compulsory insurance and commercial insurance in the next year will fluctuate with the number of insurance companies in this year. These calculations are very complex, so many businesses will add more fees to deceive car owners. At this time, car owners need to inquire on the official website of Ping An direct insurance to get the most accurate answer, so as not to deceive car owners.