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What are the policies for Liaoning community general examination? What are the suggestions for the c

As we all know, China is a socialist country. We follow the direction of the party and follow the steps of the party. At the same time, since ancient times, we have many election systems for officials, such as the system of giving up talents, the system of eldest son inheritance, and the current voting election. Of course, in our era of people being masters of the country, we all choose our own leaders through ourselves. But how should we judge? Let's go and have a look with Xiaobian today!

What are the policies for Liaoning community general examination?

On November 30, the 38th meeting of the Standing Committee of the 12th Provincial People's Congress deliberated and adopted the proposal of Liaoning Provincial People's Government on adjusting the election time of the 10th community residents' committee in Liaoning Province. The election time of the 10th community residents' committee will be adjusted from 2018 to 2019, which will be carried out simultaneously with the election of the 13th villagers' committee.

Shi Guang, director of the Provincial Department of civil affairs, introduced that there are 4273 community residents' committees and 11685 villagers' committees in Liaoning Province. According to the three-year term of office, Liaoning Province has completed the general election of the ninth community residents' committee and the 12th villagers' committee. The last term of the "two committees" of the community was the first half of 2015 and the term of the "two committees" of the village was the first half of 2016. Due to the difference of one year between the general election of community residents' committees and villagers' committees, it is necessary to organize the general election of grass-roots people for two years every three years, which is not conducive to the unified arrangement and deployment of the whole province and concentrate on strengthening the construction of grass-roots democratic politics, but also leads to the problems of frequent general election work, heavy election tasks and high cost of general election in grass-roots organizations. Therefore, this adjustment is made

What are the suggestions for the change of community?

First, for the assistant director of college students selected and hired by the provincial Civil Affairs Department in 2008, the establishment of community undertakings can be arranged and implemented. Although the community is a mass autonomous organization, in order to make them more comfortable to serve the grass-roots level and residents and better take root in the community, the establishment can be implemented; The second is; In September this year, new members can refer to the examination procedures of public institutions and the principles of openness, equality, competition and merit selection, so as to attract excellent college graduates. College students have knowledge, youth, passion and vitality, learn and accept new things quickly, and will soon master and be familiar with community work; The third is; For the community written examination, the college student assistant selected and hired by the Provincial Department of civil affairs in 2008 can be sealed, and the examination papers will be marked and published on the Internet by the province to prevent secret operation; The interview link shall be composed of organization, personnel, discipline inspection, deputies to the National People's Congress, members of the CPPCC and personnel from competent departments; Four is; For the old neighborhood committee directors and members facing retirement, those who should retire should retire in time, otherwise it will hinder the metabolism of the community and the replacement of the old and the new!!!; Five is; Young members in office may be given priority in the process of this examination with appropriate bonus points and under the same conditions; Sixth, strive to spend several sessions in the community staff, especially the members of the two committees of the community, must popularize the professional title of social workers and the college degree or above of social work, so as to further improve the quality of community staff and take the professional qualification of social workers as the hardware for entering the community.