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What predictions have scientists made about the temperature of the earth?

With the aggravation of environmental pollution year by year. In recent years, the problem of global warming has become a difficult problem in the world, and the future of mankind is worrying. In this regard, some scientists allege that mankind is constantly transforming and destroying the earth's environment. It is expected that the earth will be destroyed within 200 years. At that time, mankind will have to leave the earth to find another way to live. The future temperature of the earth is also predicted.

Some data show that the global temperature was relatively stable in the two thousand years before the 20th century. Since the beginning of the 20th century, the average temperature of the earth's surface has increased by about 0.6 ℃; More than any time in the previous 600 years.

"If it weren't for the greenhouse effect caused by human activities, the earth's temperature would probably still be the temperature during the ice age," said Radman, a professor at an American University This fully shows that global warming is directly related to human activities, that is, it is directly caused by man.

In recent decades, human beings on the earth have been constantly transforming and destroying the earth's environment for their own survival and development. For example, human beings burn oil, natural gas and wood carbon, resulting in a large amount of carbon dioxide and methane entering the atmosphere and warming the earth; Chemical wastes are continuously discharged into the sea, resulting in the destruction of the marine ecological environment; Land salinization and desertification caused by excessive land reclamation and deforestation. With the endless expansion and development of urban construction, the urban area is getting larger and larger, and the buildings are getting higher and higher, which not only destroys the natural ecological environment, but also pollutes the air at high altitude; There is also the destruction of the earth's crust surface caused by large-scale mining and mining of mineral resources, which are the main factors of climate warming.

More importantly, the impact of war on the environment and climate. The weapons used in modern high-tech war can cause serious ecological damage and air pollution, and the harm to the earth and the impact on the climate are even more incalculable. The harm caused by climate warming is unimaginable. First, the melting of glaciers will raise sea level and redistribute global precipitation. The heat energy brought by rising temperature will form disasters such as typhoon, hurricane and tsunami, which will not only endanger the balance of natural ecosystem, but also directly threaten human survival.

Secondly, climate warming will also form a large area of land drought, which will affect the reduction of agricultural production, and food and food will gradually face shortage. What is even more worrying is that high temperature will have an impact on human body. The breeding of new bacteria, viruses and diseases will increase the probability of human illness, society will pay more and more money for medical treatment, and more and more people will die of incurable diseases.

Because of this, mankind is facing an unprecedented major problem of global warming. In 2011, Hawking, a famous British physicist, publicly announced to the outside world: 'the earth will be destroyed in 200 years, and human beings can only migrate to other planets if they want to continue to survive.