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What did the Mayans predict? The contents of the five Mayan prophecies and the explanations of scien

China is one of the four ancient civilizations with a long history, but compared with the Western Maya culture, the Maya culture is more mysterious. Many people know that the Mayans once predicted the world. What are the specific contents of the Mayan prophecy? How do scientists interpret these Mayan predictions? This article brings you five mysterious prophecies of the Maya. Let's learn about them.

The yama people are one of the ancient Indians and the only recorded nation in America. They created brilliance later, but they disappeared. Before they disappeared, five prophecies were left, four of which have been realized, and only one has not been realized.

The first prophecy: the yama prophesied the time of their destruction

For thousands of years, the yama civilization has been shrouded in a fog, and the disappearance of the yama people is also the biggest mystery. In 909, the last Maya castle was shut down, so people in all directions seemed to be called together, abandoned all their pursuits and left the land at that time, Moved to the mountains, so why did they abandon the homes they built? Forced or voluntary? There will still be earthquakes and plagues. According to the situation of Yama at that time, earthquakes can not happen. As for the plague, it is still possible, but the possibility is very small. The yama people are large-scale collective migration, which lasted for a hundred years. If the plague, they would not have survived for so long.

Others say that the yama people are aliens. They fled to the earth because of disasters. It may sound absurd, but there are still some grounds. Another legend is that there is a prosperous and rich continent in the Atlantic, but it disappeared 10000 years ago. However, German scientists believe that the yama people began their new century in 849 BC, And the yama people have a saying: "the world is dominated by five suns, and one sun represents an era." if it is true, then the yama people know the destruction of their ancestors and feel that one day after A.D., it is another era of destruction. The participants collectively jumped into the Atlantic to escape extinction.

There are too many possibilities for this prediction, but scientists have not given a real answer after all. The real answer still needs to be further explored. After all, it is difficult for scientists after thousands of years.

The second prediction: it is predicted that there will be cars and planes in the world

The car was first founded in 1884. It was invented and patented by a French debotiville, but it did not continue to study after that. Later, Karl middot of Germany; In 1886, Frederick Benz invented a three wheeled vehicle and obtained the automobile manufacturing patent. It is the first modern automobile in the world. The aircraft first appeared in the Jin Dynasty. In the book baopuzi written by Ge Hong, the aircraft took off vertically by using the aerodynamic force of the propeller, which successfully demonstrated the basic working principle of the rotor of the modern helicopter, But what people didn't expect is that as early as thousands of years ago, the yama people had predicted that there would be cars and planes in the world. The charts drawn by the yama people are more accurate than any of them now.

The third prophecy: there will be a man in the last century

The yama people predicted that there would be a person in the last century. This person is Hitler. They not only predicted him, but also predicted when he was born and when he died. Many people are very unbelievable about this. This person will bring disasters to people, and twice, Hitler is an Austrian German, With the launch of the second century war, Fascist leaders actively publicized fascism, extreme nationalism, anti communism, anti capitalism and anti Semitism, reorganized and established the National Socialist Workers' party, and finally directly led to the outbreak of the Second World War, during which they committed various crimes and killed 6 million Jews. This prediction is a nightmare for us, and he is the devil in the nightmare.

The fourth prediction: there will be two destructive wars in the world

In the first World War, Ferdinand, an heir to the throne of the Austro Hungarian Empire, was killed by a Serbian youth with a pistol. Then the Austro Hungarian declared war like Serbia. At that time, many countries were involved in the war. Later, with the help of Germany, the Austro Hungarian decided to take the opportunity to annex Seville. A few days later, many countries went into war one after another, and the war was extremely cruel, Soon beyond Europe, more than 30 countries and 1.5 billion people were involved in the war. More than 30 million people died miserably, causing huge economic losses. This world war lasted more than four years and finally ended with the defeat of the Allied Group Germany and Austria.

World War II was a global war of unprecedented scale in human history. Nazi Germany launched a surprise attack on Poland. After Japan announced its surrender, more than 60 countries and regions and more than 2 billion people were involved. 30 million people were attacked, homeless, scattered wives and more than 100 million soldiers. It was the largest revolution in human history, These two wars were all guessed by the yama.

The fifth prophecy: mankind will come to an end

This prophecy did have a great impact on people at that time. In 2012, all people were praying and praying, but it is 2018 now, and mankind still lives well in the world. The yama predicted that December 21, 2012 is the fifth solar period, on that day, earth shaking changes will be ushered in, and mankind will perish, But the fact is unexpected. Is this because the people of the century over interpreted several records of Yama civilization, or did the yama people joke with us?