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What are the four major clothing brands in Canada? What spirit does it convey?

Canada's geographical area ranks third in the world, but because of the latitude, the weather is cold in autumn and winter, so we need enough clothes to be lower than the local cold. One brand is particularly famous locally, that is, Canadian geese can resist the low temperature below 40 degrees, which is the gospel of people who are afraid of cold, but the price is not cheap! In addition to this brand, let's take a look at other local brands with international influence in Canada, and the spirit it conveys?

In warm summer, wearing lululemon can not only do yoga, but also wear it directly outside, because it's too comfortable; The cotton clothes and trousers of roots are very popular in spring and autumn. They also put comfort first, and the thermal effect is also good; Needless to say, Canadian geese are in a rush to buy in winter; In Canada, there are many outdoor sports lovers. An Archaeopteryx is the best 'armor'.

The common feature of the four Canadian brands is that they are not cheap. Canadian geese and Archaeopteryx, in particular, are luxuries. But they all reflect the Canadian craftsmanship.

All Canadian geese are handmade in Canada. Archaeopteryx's high-end product line is also made locally in Canada. Roots' leather bags are also handmade. Lululemon is a leader in the field of yoga clothes, 'Hermes in autumn pants'.

Their value is absolutely worthy of high prices. More importantly, they have 'added value' - every brand is conveying a Canadian spirit.

Canadian goose: the conquering spirit of fearless cold

Let's talk about the most famous Canadian goose. As we all know, the most frightening thing about Canada is the cold. The South can tolerate it, and the no man's land in the North directly 'shuts people out'.

Can ordinary clothes withstand the low temperature below minus 40 degrees? Plus the wind and snow? At this time, the canadian goose came into being. It was originally born to serve the Arctic scientific research and provide the top down jacket with the most cold resistance and ignoring the cold winter in Canada.

Later, Canadian geese entered the homes of ordinary people. The unique cold resistance technology gave many people who wanted to explore Canada the confidence to become fearless in the severe cold. It was really cool to wear Canadian geese to conquer the great north of Canada.

Sometimes I have to admire 'spiritual power' and 'brand culture'. Canadian geese are really warm, but can you say that among all down jacket brands in the world, Canadian geese are the most warm and cost-effective? I'm afraid not. From moncler to northface, or another Canadian brand moose. There are many brands specializing in down jackets or thermal technology, but why is canadian goose so popular?

There is no doubt that the brand culture and the conquering spirit advocated, coupled with the successful image building and excellent quality of 'made in Canada', make 'Big Goose' a hot selling product forever.

Archaeopteryx: mountain crossing 'armor'

Compared with the popularity of Canadian geese, Archaeopteryx is a little inferior. After all, it focuses on outdoor sports in harsh environments. In winter, both men and women, old and young, will wear a canadian goose to keep out the cold, but not everyone is willing to go outdoors for exploration, especially in strong winds and heavy rain. Archaeopteryx is not a necessity.

However, Archaeopteryx is still very expensive, still very popular and still 'deified'. Behind the excellent quality, there is also the indoctrination of the Canadian spirit:

Keep the enthusiasm of sports. Exercise whenever and wherever, whether it's lightning or warm sunshine. How to survive in harsh environment? You need an Archaeopteryx, which is the 'armor' to help you climb mountains and mountains.

Whether mountaineering, hiking, rock climbing or skiing, canoe, motorboat & hellip& hellip; Any intense sports, an Archaeopteryx is your most perfect 'solution'.

Spiritual power cannot be ignored. Why do I spend so much on Archaeopteryx? Not only because of the high technology content and strong fighting ability, but also because after wearing Archaeopteryx, I was endowed with a Canadian spirit - go ahead bravely in all weathers. An Archaeopteryx will make a person braver? It's true.

Roots: throw away the outside and only pay attention to the inside

Compared with Archaeopteryx and canadian goose born for harsh conditions, roots is a Canadian leisure clothing brand that gives full play to daily leisure.

What are the characteristics of Canadians? The outside is' slovenly ', but the inside is reasonable and gentle. Canadians never please people with their bright appearance, but pay attention to the real materials. Take clothing for example. Although big brand clothing has a high rate of return, it is very tired because of its tight style and difficult to take care of.

Roots perfectly solves this puzzle: its exterior really has no sense of design - for example, if a French fashion talent comes to see it, he will feel that roots is very rustic. But Canadians don't think so, because roots' clothes mainly made of pure cotton are really comfortable to wear.

Although there is no version and cutting, so what? Why should I show my figure to others in Canada? This is the best clothes as long as they are comfortable and burden free.

Therefore, the Canadian brand spirit conveyed by roots is obvious: put aside the outside and only pay attention to the inside. Bright is for others to see, comfortable is really able to please yourself.

Lululemon: a clothing brand selling 'life attitude'

Finally, let's talk about lululemon, the Yoga brand leader in Canada and even the world. Lululemon's original intention of establishing the brand is to make the best yoga clothes and promote yoga. Although the current product line is very rich, covering almost all clothing, shoes and hats, lululemon never forgets yoga and the promotion of yoga.

In their words, this enterprise not only sells clothes, but also a 'life attitude' - wearing lululemon's yoga clothes, you will love sports and life more.

Moreover, not only spiritual power, lululemon also takes practical actions to promote 'National Yoga'. Since the establishment of the brand, lululemon has been committed to cooperating with local excellent yoga teachers and yoga classes, often holding free public yoga classes, which is large in scale and involves many cities.

In this way, it can not only promote the sales of products, but also spread the life attitude of loving yoga in North America. Kill two birds with one stone and promote the continuous prosperity of lululemon. The Canadian spirit is also well reflected in lululemon.