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What can I do to make my hair grow fast? Can regular hair cutting really make hair grow faster?

Hair style has a great impact on a person's appearance, so many girls attach great importance to hair. Most girls like to have long hair, but short hair for girls is a trend in recent years, but not all girls are suitable for short hair. Some girls will regret it after cutting short hair and want their hair to grow faster. So how can I make my hair grow fast? Some people say that regular hair cutting can make hair grow faster. Is this true? Let's talk about how often to cut your hair and how to make your hair grow faster. Let's have a look.

Does regular hair cutting really make your hair grow faster

Hair grows from the root, not the tip. Regular pruning can cut off the forked ends of the hair or the damaged parts due to modeling, so as to make the overall hair quality of the hair healthier, but it has nothing to do with the growth of the hair root. Generally speaking, the growth rate of hair is about 1.25cm a month. Even if you trim it every week, it won't grow faster.

What are the benefits of frequent hair cutting

1. Prevent forking and fracture

Hair is made of dead proteins that accumulate, harden and arrange, but it also has a certain life span. Generally, it is easy to bifurcate and break when it grows to 28cm, which affects the beauty. So it's best for women to trim once every 3-4 weeks

2. Maintain the healthy texture of hair

There are two conditions for a good hairstyle: a good hairstyle and B good hair quality / regular trimming can prevent hair knotting and dryness and restore health.

3. Promote hair metabolism

Skin and blood need metabolism, as do hair. Don't always be reluctant to cut off the hair that has been left for two years. Don't stay just to stay. The more important function of hair is beauty.

How often do I have my hair cut

If girls want to keep short hair or boys want to be dry and tidy, it's best to cut short hair once a month, because short hair can only last for one or two months. If you don't cut it for a long time, it will look sloppy. For long hair and waist, many girls often don't cut their hair for more than a few months, and long hair is prone to bifurcation and dryness. Therefore, long hair can be cut once every three months, which will not affect the length of hair, but also maintain the luster of hair and improve hair quality.

How to make hair grow fast

1. Often eat foods rich in plant protein, such as meat, liver, egg products, soybeans, yogurt, cheese, etc.), calcium, colloid (fish food) and dark vegetables.

2. Wash your hair with rice washing water. Rice washing water is rich in B vitamins, which can nourish and darken your hair.

3. Adhere to massaging the scalp every day and comb the hair with a bristle comb before going to bed every day, which can massage the scalp, stimulate hair follicles, promote blood circulation and transfer nutrients to the hair tips. Only when the scalp is healthy can it continuously deliver nutrition to the hair.