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What is the topic of 2017 college entrance examination composition

This year's college entrance examination is about to start. We all know that the first door of college entrance examination is Chinese, and the most important topic of Chinese is composition. If you can predict the scope of composition questions and prepare for the exam in advance, you will greatly improve your exam results. Let's take a look at the new curriculum standard college entrance examination prediction composition model together with the editor!

Traditional culture: a new subject for college entrance examination

Chinese traditional culture

Chinese virtues are known to all. The allusions such as "Kong Rong lets Li" all reflect the supreme virtues of the Chinese nation since five thousand years ago, and show that the Chinese nation is a cultural capital. But today, the Chinese virtue seems to have been forgotten by people. People don't care about it. It's just the so-called: this road is abandoned by people today.

Each country has its own unique traditional culture, and our country is no exception. And Chinese virtue is the unique treasure in all cultures. We are all Chinese people. Naturally, we should inherit a generous gift from our ancestors. Just like we are Chinese, we should speak Chinese. A harmonious society needs Chinese virtue to build and fill the empty world, otherwise our life will become boring. This It is the Chinese virtue that gives us a Chinese heart.

Think about this famous saying: forget the past is betrayal. If you really abandon the Chinese virtues, you will betray the ancestors of the Chinese nation. Although this is an increasingly progressive society, it is not because of progress that you can abandon the Chinese virtues like throwing rubbish. Then you can blindly pursue foreign culture, while the culture of your hometown is indifferent. So, you are not the descendant of the dragon Is it a Chinese dragon? If so, how can you be willing to be a foreign donkey?

Ah! Let's keep a pure Chinese heart, and a Chinese heart with Chinese virtues! Always remember that you are a Chinese, learn Chinese culture, Chinese virtues!

Uncle Lei Feng is always worthy of our respect, because he has many Chinese virtues we don't have. Everyone can have the Chinese virtues. The key is to see if you want to have them. If you unite with your classmates, you will have the Chinese virtues. If you are modest and eager to learn, you will have the Chinese virtues. If you wash your feet for mom and Dad, you will also have the Chinese virtues & hellip; & hellip; the Chinese virtues are in the subtle place. Only if you do it with your heart can you find it.

It is imperative to carry forward Chinese virtues and build a harmonious society. This is an action to protect Chinese culture. Let's protect that Chinese heart, and don't let it accumulate without the style of the past! Please don't just look forward to the future and forget the past. There are many places worth learning and remembering in the past!

Traditional and modern civilization

Tradition and modern civilization

China's five thousand year civilization and culture have not only regional and national characteristics, but also the characteristics of the times. In the historical sense, Chinese culture includes not only the traditional culture with a long history, but also the modern culture and modern culture with dramatic evolution of Chinese cultural tradition. Chinese traditional culture is the main part of Chinese culture, and it is also a rich historical heritage inherited from our ancestors. It not only records the history of the occurrence and evolution of the Chinese nation and Chinese culture, but also, as a way of thinking, values, codes of conduct, customs and habits passed down from generation to generation, penetrates into the blood of every Chinese and restricts the way of behavior and thinking of the Chinese people today. Chinese traditional culture is not simply equal to Confucian culture, nor is it simply the sum of Confucian culture, Taoist culture and Buddhist culture, but the sum of all kinds of Chinese ideological culture, including all kinds of conceptual and material forms of culture.

There are a lot of Chinese traditional culture. I first promote poetry, songs and Fu, because in my mind, they are the most special existence and more representative. Since I was a child, I loved Tang poetry very much, and felt that the charm of the words was more profound. Later, when I was more involved, I felt that Chinese culture was broad and profound, and I could not help feeling that the talents of the ancients were incomparable with those of the modern people. Sometimes when I read more of those poems, I feel that there is a sense of clearness in my bones. I can forget everything. I would rather 'pick chrysanthemums under the eastern fence' than disturb people. Some people say that I am too emotional, and I don't deny it. Sometimes I read a que word, and suddenly I feel the poet's feelings are not easy to be controlled by that que word, and then my heart starts to ache.

I know the deep influence of Chinese traditional culture. Since the Han and Tang Dynasties, Chinese traditional culture, including Confucianism, Buddhism and Taoism, as well as writing, painting, architecture, sculpture and so on, has been introduced into Japan. Since then, it has had a far-reaching impact on South Korea, Southeast Asia, some countries in South Asia, such as the Philippines, Singapore, Vietnam and other countries and regions. Zheng He's seven voyages to the West deepened this impact. Thus, the world recognized East Asian cultural circle with Chinese culture as its core has been formed. In particular, the economic takeoff and rise of the four Asian dragons have attracted the attention and thinking of the whole world, with the focus on their relationship with Chinese culture.

As a young generation in China, we should inherit and develop the traditional culture of the motherland and strive to promote cultural progress. Previously: traditional culture guided the process of human civilization and reflected the culture of this nation. It has always been a part of human social civilization. Today: we should take on the great responsibility and dedicate the excellent Chinese culture to the human society instead of blindly enjoying the achievements of modern civilization created by others. Future: to develop a nation, its culture must develop. Today, it is our mission to learn from the cultural tradition, create the modern form of national culture, and pass it on to the future of the nation.

New curriculum standard: human and nature

Chopsticks tree

A strange big tree in the campus of Shenyang University of architecture has attracted people's attention and deep thought. It turns out that this tree uses disposable chopsticks as its trunk, and the old thermos pot shell as its green leaves. From a distance, the chopsticks tree, which is nearly 2 meters high, is very strong. The maker of the chopstick tree told reporters: there are 100000 disposable chopsticks used in the whole tree trunk, which are picked up by teachers and students in the school canteen and restaurants around the campus. In nature, a tree that has been growing for 20 years can only make 6000-8000 pairs of chopsticks like this. The reporter learned that at least 1.5 million pairs of disposable chopsticks are consumed every day in Shenyang. According to this calculation, the disposable chopsticks used by Shenyang people in a year will consume nearly 70000 trees. Knowing the meaning of "chopsticks tree", many students have signed their names on the banner of "refuse to use disposable chopsticks". Some students also come up with a good way: take a pair of their own chopsticks in the bag at any time, and use them when eating out.

Train of thought: everyone is responsible for protecting the environment. The small disposable chopsticks we use every day seem insignificant, but the chopsticks used by more than one billion people in the country together are a huge number. How many trees will it cost? It's a good idea to make chopsticks tree in Shenyang University of architecture, which makes people realize the importance of environmental protection vividly. To protect the environment, we should start from me; to protect the nature, we should do everything we can.

Flowers and plants and human beings

Russian proverb says: flowers in the house, men leave home. That makes sense. Because it is usually the hostess who water and fertilize the flowers and plants at home, the flowers and plants connect her with the positive factors. And men are not interested in flowers and plants in general, and sometimes they also harm them. They use flowerpots as ashtrays, causing antipathy of flowers and plants. They don't curse or slap you, of course, but they are good at releasing harmful compounds. There are several cacti that release alkaloids, and the brain will react to alkaloids and generate the idea of drinking. Therefore, these cacti may turn the cup greeder into an incurable drunkard. Tomatoes can be a cause of insomnia. If you put tomato plants in your bedroom overnight, you forget to water them. They'll release 'sanitizer' and 'remind' you they're thirsty. Among the plants in the living room, ivy is the most disadvantageous to men. There are tiger tail orchid and rose which are easy to aggravate insomnia, geranium and Geranium which are easy to calm people's mind. If you raise plants at home, you should take good care of them, often say some kind greetings to them, and let them have a good mood. They will repay you with peaches and plums, and make you feel relaxed and happy.

Train of thought: as the saying goes: people are not plants, who can be ruthless? But we need to know that plants also have feelings. Plants can affect people's health. If you don't take good care of the plants, they will resent you and retaliate against you. On the contrary, if you take good care of them, they will vote for you and make you happy.

Ten rivers in the world are in danger of drying up

In 2007, WWF issued a report entitled "ten rivers facing the most serious risks in the world". It said that due to the impact of pollution, dam construction and climate warming, some major rivers in the world are facing increasing risk of drying up. One fifth of 10000 kinds of freshwater organisms are extinct or endangered.

The 10 major rivers listed in the report are the Mekong, Nu, Yangtze, Ganges and Indus rivers in Asia, the Danube in Europe, the laplata in South America, the Rio Grande in North America, the Nile in Africa and the Murray River in Australia.

Train of thought: these 10 rivers nurture human civilization, which can be called mother river. When human beings are developing themselves, they have no scruples to destroy the environment on which they live. If we do not take protective measures, it will be mankind who will finally be punished.

No scenery, only business

An American friend came to Mount Tai, one of the world's cultural and natural heritages. The constant flow of cableway cableways and the crowded Daiding downtown make him not feel that Dongyue is magnificent at all. He said regretfully: 'Mount Tai has no scenery, only business. "It reminds us of Premier Zhou Enlai's protection of Mount Tai. In the early 1970s, the relevant departments reported to the State Council three times, asking for the construction of roads on Mount Tai. As a result, Premier Zhou disagreed three times. He instructed: Mount Tai is the sacred mountain of the Chinese nation. We should climb mountains and not build roads. Later, he stressed that Mount Tai is a tourist attraction. If you can't build roads, you have to climb Mount Tai. In that special historical era, Premier Zhou had such foresight and insight that he could not but be sincerely admired.

However, today's Mount Tai is more than building a road. A few years ago, some local officials even put forward slogans such as "transforming Mount Tai into an economic Mount Tai" and "building Daiding into a bustling Heavenly City". As a result, three cableways and one highway have really turned Mount Tai into an "economic mountain". There are not only hotels and restaurants, but also entertainment cities and cinemas. Non heritage commercial buildings far exceed heritage buildings. Nowadays, the cableway is coming and going, a large number of tourists are coming, the natural landscape is totally different, Mount Tai is like wearing heavy shackles.

Thoughts: we admire Premier Zhou very much