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How do you recognize brand bags? Any tips?

In this era of continuous technological progress, the emergence of various high imitation bags is not surprising, such as some well-known famous brand bags LV, Chanel, Hermes, Prada, etc. many high imitation merchants will seize people's psychology and copy these famous brand bags. They are almost no different from genuine ones. They can't find them if they don't distinguish them carefully, So how do you recognize brand bags? What skills do you have?

Brand 1. Hermes

1. The lock, buckle and other hardware of genuine Hermes bag will be made of top-grade materials, which looks very shiny and not easy to wear. In order to save costs, imitation bags will cut corners in details, resulting in the lack of texture of hardware.

2. Observing the workmanship of the dust bag is a good way to judge its authenticity. For example, Hermes dust bags are mostly gray, the seams are very neat, and the letters and logo marks on the dust bag are printed evenly and clearly.

3. The stitches of the bag sewn by 'saddle suture method' are very flat. Even if you walk in a 360 degree circle, the direction of the suture is straight. Imitation bags can't imitate the craftsman's craft, so the suture can't reach the level of 100% straight line.

Brand 2. Gucci

1. Suture is an important indicator to identify the authenticity of gucci bags. The suture at the inner corners of genuine bags is very neat, and the thread ends and corners of the suture are trimmed neatly. When each binding line is observed under a magnifying glass, it will be found that a thick line is woven by three thin lines, but the imitation bag is not necessarily.

2. The paint on the metal buckle of the genuine bag is very uniform, and the paint will not fall off even if it is used for a long time. However, the quality of the metal buckle of the imitation bag is poor. If the coin is gently contacted with the metal buckle of the bag, the metal paint will be rubbed off easily.

3. The inner label of the genuine bag will be printed with 'Gucci' and 'made in Italy' in English, and the bag code will be printed on the back of the label. If the font in the bag is fuzzy and there is no number on the back of the mark, it can be basically concluded that it is an imitation.

Brand 3. Chanel

1. To identify the authenticity of chanel bag, you can use the 'ID card' of the commodity. Chanel each bag has an anti-counterfeiting 'identity card'. A small leather label similar to the internal standard is sewn in the inner pocket of the bag, on which there is a set of anti-counterfeiting numbers, which are consistent with the numbers on the 'ID card'. Although some super a bags are also sewn with ID codes, their numbers are generally very unclear.

2. The metal zipper of chanel bag is relatively heavy. In order to ensure the service life, double stitching will be adopted at the closing of the zipper. The imitation metal zipper is relatively light, and the suture at the closing is mostly single line.

3. Chanel bags are mostly made of lamb skin, which feels soft and looks dark. The imitation bag looks very bright without the matte feeling of lamb skin.

Brand 4. Prada

1. Fake Prada nylon bags are common in the market. They are more like Prada's nylon bags, while those fake Prada nylon bags can be seen as fake at a glance.

2. The nylon of the genuine Prada is made of parachute material, which is heat-resistant, thick, crisp and tough. The surface of the material is not reflective, and the twill can be seen under the magnifying glass. While the fake Prada is made of ordinary chemical fiber, which is either too light, too thin and has no texture, or too thick and too hard, with poor hand feel. The surface of the material is either very smooth, or It is extremely dim, and the dot pattern can be seen under the magnifying glass.

3. The genuine Prada is made of cowhide, sheepskin and even crocodile skin, all of which have obvious leather lines and unique leather flavor. The fake Prada has hard leather and less leather lines. The brand-new genuine Prada must have a special leather flavor. This leather flavor is Prada's special leather anti-corrosion potion, which can not be imitated at all, because the cost of this potion is too high and the taste is delicious Go to the counter.

4. The metal triangle logo of the genuine Prada is located in the center of the bag, and the distance between the surrounding car line and the triangle logo is very uniform. Moreover, the font on the triangle logo is hand-made, which has a concave convex feeling. The metal logo of the fake Prada is not necessarily located in the center of the bag, and the car line is very rough.