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The wechat chat record is deleted, and the wechat chat record recovery process can be recovered

Wechat chat record many friends accidentally delete chat records when using wechat. Can the new version of wechat chat records be restored after deletion, and can the wechat chat records on Android phones be restored after deletion? How to recover? Let's take a look with Sihai Xiaobian.

Step 1: first download the chat recovery software on the computer, and then install the software on the computer. After the installation, you can connect the mobile phone with a data cable.

Step 2: then you can open the software. After the software is opened, you can directly click the 'one click recovery' button on the interface.

Step 3: there are two scanning methods on the next interface. Find your favorite scanning method and click it.

Step 4: wait patiently for the scanning results after the selection. After the scanning results appear, you can click the 'wechat' button on the left, so that you can find the chat records to be restored in the chat records and click. After clicking, select the 'restore selected records' button.

Well, I'll tell you how to retrieve the important wechat chat records on the mobile phone. According to the method I introduced, you can recover the lost wechat chat records. This software is really easy to use.

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