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Why does drinking milk tea cause insomnia

Many little girls like milk tea, but many people say that after drinking milk tea, they will affect their sleep. If they don't have insomnia, some will be flustered. What's the reason?

Does milk tea drink too much also can insomnia

There will be insomnia. There will be a lot of tea in milk tea, and some people can't sleep after drinking tea. Some milk tea will add coffee. The combination of tea and coffee naturally makes the insomnia effect more prominent. Of course, different people also have different constitutions. Some people can be naturally unaffected by caffeine and theophylline, but it's better for vulnerable people to drink less milk tea at night.

People who are more sensitive to tea will have a great reaction after drinking milk tea. Drinking milk tea is easy to lead to insomnia, which is the component of tea in milk tea. Tea usually contains theophylline. It usually causes nerve excitement.

Why does milk tea make people insomnia

Because the tea in milk tea will greatly change the structure of the body and make the human body unable to sleep. There are many kinds of milk tea, but its raw materials are inseparable from its name, milk and tea. Interestingly, milk can help sleep, while tea is just the opposite. Tea contains many components, including caffeine and theophylline, which can easily excite people's nerves, Cause insomnia effect, milk tea because of the heavy milk flavor, it is generally believed that there are not many components of tea in it.

Many milk teas are composed of milk and tea. Many tea ingredients cause the human body to be in a very excited state. The same is true of milk tea. The ratio of pure milk to brewed tea is about 4:2. However, the refreshing effect of tea is much stronger than that of milk. Therefore, if people are vulnerable to caffeine and theophylline, You may be affected by drinking milk tea at night.