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Where can I travel on May Day? Recommended five beaches in Xiamen

​&# 8203;&# 8203;&# 8203;&# 8203;&# 8203;&# 8203; The weather is getting hotter and hotter, and it is getting closer and closer to summer. During the May Day holiday, the weather is very much like summer. It is perfect to go to the beach at this time. So where can I travel on May Day? This article brings you the five most worthwhile beaches in Xiamen. Choose one to enjoy during the May Day holiday.

The most beautiful place to meet -- Baicheng Beach

If I meet you on the road, it is the most beautiful place to meet around the island road. However, what is more beautiful than it is the Baicheng beach around it. The sand is very white and delicate. The feeling of soft particles on your feet is not very heavy. The sea water here is also relatively clean. The area of this beach is very large. It starts from the overpass and stretches to the Huli mountain fort in the distance. It is its boundary. There are a lot of tourists coming and going, which is more suitable for strolling here on ordinary days. There will be a lot of people in the tourism season. There is also a plank road on Baicheng beach, which is repaired along the reefs on the beach. On the plank road, you can have a panoramic view of the scenery here, feel the magic of nature, and appreciate the traces left by the cruelty of the war.

Blue sky and clear water -- Yefeng Village

The cool name of Yefeng stronghold can be heard that it does not win by beauty, but by connotation. In addition to the beautiful beach, the biggest attraction here is that it is the first comprehensive leisure and tourism center integrating outdoor recreation, catering and leisure, water sports and beach development in Xiamen. Its appearance and exotic style are obvious, a bit like the pyramids of Egypt. Standing between the blue sky and clear water, Yefeng village looks across the sea from Jinmen and Jinmen, and stands a large slogan "one country, two systems, unify China". It makes people's blood boil after seeing it.

Years are quiet -- Huangcuo seaside

There used to be a military restricted area, but now there is a feeling of quiet and good years. It can let people who rarely have leisure relax here for a moment. Although the sand here is not soft enough, it is better to be clean. There is also a pedestrian road paved with colorless asphalt and red stones. In the morning, you can see many citizens running here in the morning, and even many people watching the sunrise here. It is known as one of the most beautiful sun viewing spots in Xiamen. Lost in this path is also a good choice.

Fireworks in the world -- Meihua Beach

Many people say that if you don't go to Gulangyu in Xiamen and see the appearance of sunlight rock, you'll be in vain. In the southwest of Gulangyu, under the sunlight rock, there is a beach called Meihua beach, which is the favorite beach for the original residents of Gulangyu. It is said that the drum wave stone is on this beach. The waves here are very small and calm. There is no arrogance of the surging waves on the shore, only a faint smell of human fireworks.

Golden ribbon water - Wan Chai back Beach

It is said that there is a classic historical legend behind the sea. When the yuan soldiers invaded, the prime minister was forced into a desperate situation. When crossing the sea, the waves were rough and almost transferred to the sea. Finally, in a hurry, he threw his belt into the sea to get peace. Therefore, the sea is called 'golden belt water'. The beach of the back swimming pool in Aberdeen is flat, the sand is fine, the water is shallow, the sea area is wide and the sea water is clean.