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Power game season 8 how the night King dies the right game the death of the night king is analyzed a

Recently, the eighth season of the epic American drama game of rights, which is widely expected, has been broadcast. It can be seen from the spoilers that the big boss night king still failed to fulfill his desire for revenge before he finally died. So how did the night King die? This article brings you the analysis and introduction of the death of the night king in season 8 of the game of rights. Let's have a look.

Power game season 8 How did the night King die

In the last episode of Season 8 of the game of power, the night king died in battle. The night king is one of the biggest bosses in the game of power. He can turn the body into a corpse by waving his hand, obey his orders, and turn ordinary people into strange ghosts by touching. The strange ghosts assimilated by the night king can also 'summon' corpses, Therefore, the army of ghosts of the night king is endless.

The night king is a new species created by the son of the forest thousands of years ago through the magic dragon crystal. It has super power. It is not old for thousands of years. Its only weakness is fire, Dragon Crystal and valerian steel. It is the same as ordinary strange ghosts, but the night king is more powerful.

The night king was finally burned to death by Zhuo Geng's Dragon flame. At that time, the night King led the army to the south. The army in the valley retreated gradually and retreated to the eagle's nest city. The eagle's nest city gathered many troops and finally blocked the alien ghost army.

The night king was wounded in one eye when he rode an ice dragon to fight with regor. Therefore, the night king tried to destroy the defense of eagle's nest city through the ice dragon. Unexpectedly, the ice dragon was assassinated by zhandeli's Longjing spear.

The ice dragon was injured and fell to the ground with the night king. It happened that snow rode Zhuo Geng to the battlefield. Zhuo Geng sprayed the Dragon flame and gave the night king and the ice dragon the last blow. The night king and the ice dragon were directly burned by Zhuo Geng. The next war was the internal fight between cerxi, dragon mother and snow.

The night king wanted to revenge the son of the forest, to restore his original appearance and become an ordinary man, but he finally died under the Dragon flame, and his faith for thousands of years collapsed. Although the strange ghost was not extinct due to the death of the night king, it was also greatly weakened and hidden.

Game of power Season 8 night King dies under fire dragon

Since the seventh season of the game of power, the night king has got the veselion dragon brought by the dragon mother, and has a chip to go south. The army of strange ghosts who break through the desperate Great Wall is bound to have a big war with the dragon mother. In the picture, Junlin city is wrapped in thick smoke, and Zhuo Geng and ice dragon fall to the ground one after another. The night king was holding an ice crystal spear and was about to have a one-on-one competition with danilis, while the Dragon Mother clenched her left arm and seemed to have been hit.

At the end of season 7, we saw the night King use his ice dragon to destroy the magic that protects the Great Wall. With the collapse of the Great Wall, it only means one thing: winter is coming! We have heard that seven seasons of winter is coming, but now winter has finally come. When will it pass? Now, the whole westero is under the control of the night king. It's a completely different winter.