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Can you take a bath directly after sweating? Effect of direct bathing after sweating on body

It's spring now. Summer will come soon. This is the most suitable season for sports. Many people will sweat profusely after exercise, so can they take a bath directly after sweating? What are the effects of taking a bath directly after sweating? This article brings you an introduction to the problem of taking a bath after sweating. Let's have a look&# 8203;&# 8203;&# 8203;&# 8203;&# 8203;&# 8203;&# 8203;

Can you take a bath directly after sweating

You can't take a bath directly after exercise.

It's best to rest for about 30 minutes after exercise, do some relaxation activities, and take a bath when the sweat is dry. Or, I can't wait. I can wipe my sweat with a dry towel and wait about 10 minutes. At this time, the heat in my body will be almost exhausted. At this time, taking a bath is good for relaxing my muscles.

Of course, if conditions permit, it is recommended to take a warm bath and then slowly reduce the water temperature. Warm water bath has massage effect, while alternating stimulation of cold and hot water can strengthen the elasticity and tolerance of blood vessels.

It's not good to take a hot bath directly after sweating

After a lot of sweating, all parts of the body have not returned to normal, and the blood itself is in a state of high-speed circulation. If you take a hot bath immediately after exercise, it will increase the blood flow in the skin, which is not conducive to the blood supply of heart, brain and other organs, and it is easy to lead to insufficient blood supply to the heart and brain.

In addition, when the water temperature is high, it will also lead to increased sweating, induce water loss in the body, and easily cause human collapse. Therefore, especially for the elderly or obese, it is not suitable to take a hot bath immediately after exercise.

In addition, after exercise, the pores are open. Even if you take a hot bath, you will be accidentally attacked by the wind and cold.

It is more inappropriate to take a cold bath directly after sweating

You can't take a hot bath immediately after sweating, let alone a cold bath. Moreover, even if you take a bath after half an hour of exercise, it's not recommended to take a cold bath.

Exercise is bound to be accompanied by heat production, and the body temperature will rise a lot. In order to strengthen heat dissipation, the blood circulation will accelerate during exercise, and the skin pores will open a lot. If cold water is used at this time, it will stimulate the contraction of pores, but affect the emission of excess heat generated after exercise. In the long run, the human body will have internal heat and yin deficiency. Moreover, it will increase the resistance of blood circulation, which is not conducive to the discharge of metabolic waste. Sometimes, it will suddenly enter the cold environment from the hot environment, resulting in colds, etc.

Therefore, even after exercising and sweating in summer, you can't take a cold bath. What's more, summer sports sweat more, and the heat needs to be discharged. If you take a cold bath, it will aggravate the obstacle that the heat can't dissipate.