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How to remove footprints on the wall and how to remove various marks on the wall

How to remove footprints on the wall and how to remove various marks on the wall

Sihai network: a friend with a bear and a child may often encounter such trouble. A good white wall is written by a child, and it is full of facial mask, sometimes leaving footprints. How can the walls remove marks or footprints? Let's have a look.

Handprints and footprints

The longer you live, the more footprints you will find on the wall. I don't know when there are more footprints on the white wall at home. If it is fresh mud handprints and footprints, wipe them with a slightly wet rag. If the footprints are completely dry, you can use a child's eraser to wipe them slowly along the stains. When wiping, you must pay attention to the strength. Too much strength will hurt the wall.

Pen print

Children just like to make trouble. The walls at home are basically where children graffiti. If children scribble on the walls with pencils and ballpoint pens, we can use a small brush dipped in toothpaste to brush. Because toothpaste itself has active ingredients. Easy to remove stains on the surface of solid objects. However, it should also be noted that it is not easy to hurt the wall too hard.

Crayon print

Looking at the various colors of crayons on the wall, mothers' hearts are more than half cold, but with worry, no matter how stubborn stains can be removed. Cover the wall with a piece of flannelette, then iron it back and forth with an iron, and then wipe it off. The crayon print magically disappeared. You can also use a clean cotton cloth dipped in some cream, gently wipe away. Because the cream contains emulsifier, it has good wax removal effect.

Wall stickers

Children not only like to scribble on the wall, but also like to paste some stickers. We can heat it with a hair dryer, but don't heat it continuously, because the glue on the back of the wall sticker may be easier to peel off because of excessive heating. When you feel like blowing, you can try to tear off the corners. If you don't find degumming, you can tear it off slowly.