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What are the good-looking and cost-effective skin of the king's glory?

The glory of the king has been updated recently. The beautiful skin of the new heroes is really dazzling. Many people start with one skin after another with the mood of cutting their hands. Then they find that the special effects of the skin are not satisfactory. Many players regret. So which skin of the glory of the king is the most worthy to start?

1. Feng QiuHuang

Phoenix flies and seeks her husband from all over the world. This sentence comes from Sima Xiangru's Phoenix seeking her husband. Phoenix refers to men and Phoenix represents women. It tells that Phoenix flies in the sky and looks for her husband in all kinds of places in the world. Just from the three words of Phoenix seeking her husband, people can unconsciously think of their own love story, which is deeply rooted in the hearts of the people. From the quality of skin, The white hair and clothes fluttering slightly roam in the white clouds and show the elegance of the Sword Fairy incisively and vividly. When we think of who is the most elegant, the first thing we think of is Feng QiuHuang, just as when we talk about the Sword Fairy, we think of the wine Sword Fairy in the legend of immortal swordsman.

However, because of the high difficulty and price of its hero, many people stop at it, so it ranks third here.

2. Cloud dreamer

Zhuang Zhou's cloud dreamer is definitely one of the most conscientious skin. The special effects are comparable to legends. The pattern of skin is large. With dreams and starry sky as the theme, it presents us with a vast sky, which is the life we people yearn for in a 'narrow' space, living at home and in the company (school). When we see this skin, we feel relaxed and happy, I don't know how many people regret not buying him and are looking forward to his return.

He ranked second not because he was not good enough, but because he was too strong in the first place.

3. Supreme treasure

Finally, of course, it's the monkey king's supreme treasure. The appearance and special effects are speechless, and the hand feel is excellent. Moreover, just from the name, it can attract the attention of a large number of fans. Zixia fairy and supreme treasure's song and cry imperfect love once had a sincere love in front of me, which I didn't cherish, and I don't know how many people shed tears, This skin is like another chance given by God. The missed love will continue here again and draw a perfect full stop. Also because of the sentence of Zixia fairy, my lover is an unparalleled hero. One day he will step on the seven colored clouds to marry me, and there will be a great saint wedding behind him.