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What are the top ten luxury brands of casual clothes?

clothing, food, housing and transportation always come first. Now, with the improvement of living standards, the requirements for clothes are not just to keep warm. Now people are more in pursuit of clothes as a brand, so there are many luxury brands. Today, Xiaobian will list the top ten luxury brands of leisure clothes.


Chanel is a French luxury brand. This brand was founded in 1910. There are many industries under this brand, and clothing is a part of it. The clothing design of their family is very distinctive, using some strange ideas, and the clothes designed are very noble and distinctive.

2、Louis Vuitton

Louis Vuitton also operates other industries under the brand. Their clothes are also very distinctive in design, and they have their own attitude in the design of clothes. The designed clothes are very popular with everyone, and the prices are very expensive. They are also very temperament to wear.


Dior is a French brand. This brand is also a luxury brand. It is also very famous all over the world. The clothes of this brand are very gorgeous, and the clothes designed by their family are very noble and have temperament. But the price is really very expensive. It ranks third among the top 10 luxury brands in the world.

4、Gianni Versace

Gianniversace, the founder of this brand, has won many awards in Italy. He is a very talented designer. His clothes are very distinctive. Wearing them completely highlights a person's characteristics and completely reveals a person's body, which appears very noble and temperament. Clothes of this brand are also very expensive.


Prada brand was founded in Italy. It is an Italian brand. It was founded in 1913 and has a long history. The clothes of this brand have their own characteristics, and have always been at the forefront of the fashion industry and leading the fashion trend of the world. The brand's clothing also accepts private customization.


Burberry is a British brand. The clothing of this brand is very expensive, but the materials used are really good and will not bring any harm to our body. The clothing of this brand also has its own characteristics and has very strong British characteristics, which has won the favor of many people.


Kenzo is a French brand. The clothing of this brand has very national characteristics. The elements used in the clothing design are very bold, and the designed clothing is very popular. It ranks seventh among the top 10 luxury brands in the world. There is no need to worry about the quality. It is really very good.


Givenchy is a French brand, which also has many industries, but their clothes are quite distinctive, and the biggest feature is the beauty and simplicity of non origin. Wearing it can also reflect different characteristics. The price of this brand's clothing is also relatively expensive.


Valentino brand is very famous and popular all over the world, and its clothes have a very good reputation all over the world, especially in terms of advanced customization. The clothes of this brand give you an elegant, fresh feeling and very good-looking. The price is also relatively expensive.

10、Hugo Boss

Hugoboss is a well-known brand in the world. It mainly deals in men's and women's clothes. The clothes designed by this brand are mainly sports and leisure, but there are other types of clothes. No matter what type of clothes, the workmanship is very exquisite and the price is very expensive, But the quality is really very good.