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What are the top eight minority earring brands? How to choose the right Earrings according to your f

Beauty has been our pursuit since ancient times, so since human beings, our ancestors began to make all kinds of jewelry. In ancient times, people used stones and bones to make jewelry. But now our society is getting richer and richer. We have many jewelry brands. Today, Xiaobian will introduce our minority earrings to you.

What are the top eight minority earring brands?

No1、Leigh Miller

This brand is an earring brand founded by Leigh Miller Newman. She used to be the designer of J. crew and Calvin Klein. After so much experience, she began to start her own brand. The jewelry she designed is very distinctive and mysterious, and because of her original creation, it is very meaningful.


Alighieri is a small London jewelry brand in Britain. It is named after the founder himself, and the founder is from a famous school. She especially likes literature, so her creative inspiration comes from divine comedy. Every piece of jewelry is handmade, and the abnormal shape is carefully handled by craftsmen.

No3、Anne Manns

This is a niche accessory brand from Germany. Designer Anne Manns grew up in a small village in Berlin, Germany. The growing environment naturally influenced her works. The brand was established only two years ago, but it has won the hearts of the public. And in her works, you can see plant shaped earrings, which are very characteristic and very feminine.

No4、Paola vilas

Paola Vilas is a handmade jewelry brand from Brazil. I like to make people's faces into a style abstractly. The most characteristic of the signboard is that it is very good at using the lines of abstract painting to make an ornament full of architectural beauty. The designer himself hopes that the design of jewelry is exquisite and artistic, highlighting personality and easy to match, which is very textured.

No5、Peet Dullaert

Peet dullart is a designer brand from the Netherlands. Designers have always been committed to environmental protection, so sometimes the design inspiration comes from nature. Each earring is handmade by a craftsman. His design object is women who have aesthetic ideas, pay attention to details and know how to taste. So it is very suitable for girls with unique personality.


The jewelry brand Hirotaka was founded by Japanese designer Hirotaka Inoue in New York. The outline is not too exaggerated, but it is full of modeling feeling between simplicity. The brand walks between exquisite high-end and personalized punk, showing the continuous simplification different from current jewelry brands. Therefore, Hirotaka's unique small volume superimposed decoration philosophy is deeply loved by New York stylists and fashion editors.

No7、Missoma London

This is a British brand. The decorations inside are really beautiful. I strongly recommend you to buy her earrings. The price is above average. You can go to the official website. If you like more, you have to be prepared to spend a lot of money. There is a pair of Little Star Earrings, super small and lovely, suitable for small girl paper.

No8、Avec New york

A brand from New York, USA. In fact, this brand should be hot. As long as you see his rings and earrings, you will find that you seem to have seen them somewhere. I strongly recommend you to buy her earrings. They really look good! The style of earrings tends to be simple and cool! The price of this store will be more expensive than the one above. Most earrings are sold individually, about $178 a pair, and more than $300 a pair! And their packaging is good-looking. They are very suitable for giving gifts to girlfriends and girlfriends.

These brands are relatively small, and the price is relatively high. Students should not be able to afford them. But occasionally you can buy a pair for your elders. Of course, you can also be very, very good friends, because they are really beautiful. In addition, friends with high taste can harvest.

How to choose the right Earrings according to your face shape?

Tips for choosing various face Earrings:

According to face types: round face, oval face, square face, conical face, heart-shaped face and long face

Round face lacks stereoscopic degree

It seems that the face is about the same width and length. This requires the use of other costumes or accessories to create the illusion of a long face. Pendant earrings are the first choice for round face mm, because pendant earrings will lengthen your face. When choosing earrings for round face, you must choose long and bony ones. Please stay away from square and large round earrings, that is, avoid repeating the image of large circle around your face, because that kind of earring will make your face wider. Earrings are most suitable for Round faced women. Long earrings hang downward, which can produce an oval aesthetic effect on the face.

The oval face is evenly distributed

No matter what kind of earrings you wear, they will be very satisfactory. The oval face is very suitable for earrings in the shape of water drop, gourd, or circle. On the contrary, if the shapes are exclamation point, heart, diamond and other designs, they should be avoided; In addition, too slender earrings are not suitable. A pair of shiny pearl earrings will make you stand out.

For the square face with clear water caltrop, it is more suitable to choose the earrings with radian

This will neutralize the hard contour of the square face. Choose dripping earrings with appropriate length. Don't choose the shape of stars or round earrings, which will exaggerate the face shape and make the face contour look too masculine and hard lines.

Conical face, narrow and pointed chin

It appears that the face is too long. In order to better balance this face shape, choosing button earrings can increase the width of the face and make the face look full. Conical face is suitable for drop shaped, round and other earrings. To avoid diamond, heart-shaped, inverted triangle, exclamation point shaped earrings, otherwise it will make the chin appear sharper, thinner or angular.

The forehead of the heart-shaped face is wide, but the chin is thin

In order to better balance this face shape, try wearing earrings or earrings slightly opposite to the face shape, such as round, exclamation point, string moon, etc., which can best show the charming charm. Earrings with obvious angles such as triangles, hexagons or squares are best kept away.

Long face girls are suitable for earrings with circular or transverse design

Try circular, fan-shaped or square designs. Slender Earrings such as long column and long oval should be avoided because they will make your face look longer.