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What nutritional value does purple potato have? Nutritional value and edible taboo of purple potato

Purple potato is a plant belonging to the same genus of sweet potato as sweet potato, but the skin and fruit of purple potato are purple, so the name of purple potato comes from it. The yield of purple potato is relatively low, so the price will be more expensive than sweet potato. Purple potato is rich in anthocyanins, which have a good effect on women's beauty. So what are the nutritional values of purple potato? What are the taboos of eating purple potato? This article introduces the nutritional value and taboos of purple potato. Let's learn about it.

Nutritional value of purple potato

Purple potato is rich in protein, starch, dietary fiber, pectin, amino acids, vitamins and many trace elements. Every 100g of purple potato contains 119.3 calories (kcal), 17.6 carbohydrates (g), 1.17 dietary fiber (g), 2.34 protein (g), 97 potassium (mg), 121 phosphorus (mg), 2.4 sodium (mg), 23 calcium (mg) and 1.36 manganese (mg), zinc 1.45 (mg), iron 1.1 (mg), copper 0.19 (mg), selenium 2.5 (microgram).

Purple sweet potato has similar nutrition and the same effect as sweet potato. Compared with ordinary sweet potato, purple sweet potato contains more anthocyanins. Anthocyanins are a kind of biological flavonoids, and the main physiological activity of flavonoids is the ability to remove freedom and antioxidation in the human body. Anthocyanins can help anti-aging, prevent cancer, reduce blood glucose, protect blood vessels and prevent atherosclerosis 。

Although purple potato is good, there are several problems to pay attention to when eating it:

1. You can't eat too many purple potatoes at a time

Purple potato contains oxidase, which is easy to produce gas. Eating too much will cause abdominal distension, tumbling, hiccup and farting.

2. Purple potatoes are easy to burn when eaten too much

Purple sweet potato has a high sugar content. After eating more, it will stimulate the secretion of gastric acid and produce heartburn. In addition, for diabetics, purple sweet potato contains a lot of starch and sugar, and the sugar index is high, so it is not suitable to eat in large quantities.

3. Purple potato may aggravate gastrointestinal diseases

Purple potato will stimulate gastric acid secretion, and the consumption of purple potato in patients with gastric ulcer, excessive gastric acid and dyspepsia will aggravate the disease. Those with dampness blocking spleen and stomach, qi stagnation and food accumulation should be careful.

4. Purple potato should not be eaten with skin

Purple potato is a kind of rhizome food. It grows in the soil. Its skin is dirty and easy to be polluted by black spot bacteria. Purple potato should not be eaten with skin, which may cause food poisoning in serious cases.

5. Purple potato should not be eaten raw

Purple potato has high starch content, which is difficult to digest raw. You must eat it while it is hot.