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With these bad habits, cancer will get closer and closer to you

How to prevent and treat cancer is a big problem. If you want to live a long and healthy life, you should learn to get rid of bad habits that affect your health, and you are far away from cancer.

These bad habits are most likely to cause cancer!

1. Smoking decompression → lung cancer

When a person smokes, he affects not only his own health, because research shows that the harm of second-hand smoke to the human body is comparable to that of direct smoking, and the harm of children after passive acceptance of 'second-hand smoke' is greater. Besides smoking is an important reason for the continuous increase of incidence rate and mortality rate of lung cancer in recent years. Air pollution is also an important factor causing the high incidence of lung cancer. At present, the main known carcinogenic components in the atmosphere are benzopyrene. In heavily polluted big cities, the amount of benzopyrene inhaled by residents every day can exceed the content of 20 paper cigarettes.

2. Stay up late to work → Breast cancer and prostate cancer

The latest scientific research found that the incidence rate of breast cancer and prostate cancer is higher in the women and men who work all night than in the daily working population. Women who regularly work on night shifts for 3 consecutive years will be 40% more likely to develop breast cancer than women who work normally. If you work night shift regularly for more than 3 consecutive years, the probability of illness will be 60% higher. The bright light during the shift changes the natural cycle of melatonin production in the human body. The night light reduces the secretion of melatonin, and the role of melatonin is to protect DNA from oxidative damage and inhibit cancerous cells.

3. Always drink hot water → Esophageal cancer, oral cancer

Many people like to make a cup of Kung Fu tea in their spare time. Unexpectedly, this tea now brews' drink while it's hot ', which may lay a hidden danger for esophageal cancer. The reason is that the hot water will scald the esophageal mucosa and cause oral mucositis and esophagitis. Over time, cancer may occur. Kazak people in Xinjiang often drink hot milk tea, Chaoshan people like kung fu tea, and people in Taihang mountains like to drink big bowls of hot porridge. At present, these areas have become high incidence areas of esophageal cancer, cardiac cancer and oral cancer.

Experts suggest that if food or drink feels hot, don't swallow it in a hurry. Food with stuffing may not be hot outside and hot inside. Be especially careful when eating. Never use a straw for hot drinks.

4. Sit down and don't want to move → Colon cancer, prostate cancer

Sit for a day at work and stay on the sofa at home. Don't think that the harm of sedentary is only to hurt the cervical spine and spine. The number of immune cells in human body increases with the increase of activity, and the immune cells in sedentary human body decrease, which greatly increases the risk of cancer. Look at these data: most patients with gastric cancer usually eat too saturated and sit still; Sedentary people are 40% - 50% more likely to suffer from colon cancer than people who often exercise. Men are also prone to prostate cancer. Therefore, every 2 hours of work, you must get up and move for more than 15 minutes.

5. No condoms & rarr; cervical carcinoma

Recent studies have confirmed that human papillomavirus (HPV) is the culprit of cervical cancer, and the transmission of this virus is often through sexual behavior. Therefore, it is an important way to protect women and reduce the risk of cervical cancer to minimize the unsafe sexual behavior in premarital sex and extramarital love and use condoms when necessary.

6. The decoration is too luxurious → leukemia

In addition to smoking, the pungent smell of decoration is also the culprit of lung cancer. Many building materials contain carcinogenic chemicals. The more luxurious the decoration, the greater the chance of physical injury. For children, decoration pollution is more likely to make them suffer from leukemia.

Experts suggest that when buying furniture and building materials for decoration, don't try to be cheap. Generally speaking, the more inferior the quality, the more pungent the taste; Windows must be opened for ventilation during decoration; At least two or three months after decoration.