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Has the retirement age been postponed? What are the specific provisions?

Different countries have different regulations on the retirement age. Even for different jobs, there are some differences in the retirement age. In 2018, China's retirement age has been hotly discussed on the Internet. Everyone is more concerned about it because it is still related to personal interests. So what is the current retirement age? Let's sort it out as follows.

1、 Introduction to delayed retirement

Delaying retirement refers to delaying the retirement age. In the past, we all know that the national retirement age is 60 for men and 50 for women. However, the state will comprehensively consider the changes in China's population structure in combination with foreign policies to increase the retirement age. Because China's aging is becoming more and more serious, it will lead to some job vacancies, so the retirement age will be extended, However, specific policies have not been released by the state.

In June 2013, due to multiple reasons such as employment pressure, the Ministry of human resources and social security had shelved the postponement of retirement. By November 12, 2013, the third plenary meeting of the 18th Central Committee of the Communist Party of China adopted the decision of the Central Committee of the Communist Party of China on several major issues of comprehensively deepening reform, which pointed out that it was necessary to study and formulate a policy of gradually delaying the retirement age.

2、 Will the 2019 deferred retirement plan be announced?

With regard to the announcement of the 2019 delayed retirement plan, the Xiaobian feels that there are not many possibilities, but the state stipulates that from 2018, the retirement age of women will be delayed by one year every three years, that is, from 2020, the retirement age of women will change from 50 to 51; The male retirement age will be delayed by one year every six years, that is, from 2022, the male retirement age may be delayed to 61 until it reaches 65 in 2045. In the specific recommendations, the report proposes, first, to realize the integration of the pension system. Therefore, the latest delayed retirement policy depends on how the state stipulates it. The above is for reference only.

The Chinese Academy of Social Sciences recently released the latest green paper on population and labor, which suggests delaying retirement in 'two steps':

The first step is to complete the integration of the pension system in 2017, eliminate the identity difference between female cadres and female workers, and uniformly set the female retirement age of employee pension insurance at 55. The second step is to delay the retirement age of women by 1 year every three years and that of men by 1 year every six years from 2018 until it reaches 65 years at the same time in 2045.