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How to repair scratches on the car summary of tips for repairing scratches on the car

How to repair minor scratches on the car? Four precautions for car maintenance if a new car just bought is accidentally touched or scratched, it will leave some slight scratches. I feel very distressed. Let's teach you how to deal with minor scratches. Let's have a look.

‍& zwj; 1. Minor scratches &zwj& zwj;

‍& zwj; Minor scratches such as sun lines only damage the surface of the paint. Such scratches have less damage to the paint and are easy to repair. They can be solved by waxing& zwj;& zwj;

‍& zwj; You can choose scratch wax first and grind it at the scratch with a waxing sponge. Remember to wipe it clockwise or counterclockwise. Then select the brightening wax, and the waxed paint looks brighter, which basically solves the problem& zwj;& zwj;

‍& zwj; Another way to save money is to repair it with toothpaste, gently apply it to the shallow scratches, and then wipe it counterclockwise with a soft cotton cloth. After several times, it can not only reduce the scratches, but also avoid the erosion of the air on the car paint& zwj;& zwj;

2. Concave deformation scratch &zwj& zwj;

‍& zwj; This kind of damage is generally difficult to repair and perfect. It needs to be handled at the 4S store or express repair shop. In this case, it needs to be treated with sheet metal and then repainted& zwj;& zwj;

3. Scratches with large primer leakage area &zwj& zwj;

‍& zwj; For scratches or scratches that have leaked primer, the first thing to do is rust prevention. The scratch of primer leakage can be solved by the above method& zwj;& zwj;

4. Deep scratch &zwj& zwj;

‍& zwj; For deep scratches and even primer leakage, many car owners will try polishing. In this case, polishing is generally difficult to solve the problem. The scratch is not big, and it is not necessary to repaint. It is suggested that you can use a paint repair pen to repair the paint& zwj;& zwj;

‍& zwj; This general auto supplies store sells them, usually about thirty or forty yuan. Before painting the paint, shake the paint in the paint together, smear the scratches on the nail polish, dry the paint, and then add some wax. zwj;& zwj;

‍& zwj; Generally, the bumper, rearview mirror and wheel arch of some cars are made of engineering plastics, which will not rust. If the owner's requirements are not high, there is no need to touch up the paint. Other parts need to be repaired. If the damage area is large, it needs to be repainted. If the area is small, it can be solved by using a repair pen or self painting& zwj;& zwj;

‍& zwj; In addition, it should be noted that: &zwj& zwj;

a. If the car is often parked under the tree, clear the fallen leaves in time& zwj;& zwj;

‍& zwj; There is also resin in the paint components. Some trees drip the same thing as resin. If they are stuck on the car paint and are not cleaned in time, they will remain on the car paint like glue& zwj;& zwj;

b. In the sun and rain, if small scratches are not repaired in time, it may also damage the body paint, because the rain will penetrate into them through these 'wounds' and accelerate rust& zwj;& zwj;

‍& zwj; c. And bird droppings, which corrodes the paint badly& zwj;& zwj;

d、‍& zwj; If the car is parked under the canopy, the canopy contains galvanized things. If it is parked for a long time in rainy days, acidic things will drip into the car. Even if your car is often waxed, it will corrode the paint.